GLMF 2002

At the begining of the final joust on the last day of faire, a knight in armor proposed to his lady from the field of battle.
If you have any pictures of this, please
contact me .The person who proposed would like to get some scans. Seems their camera did not work.

This was my first faire. I had been wanting to go for several years, but never seemed to have the money or the time. This year I had the cash, and I made the time. It was definitely well worth it. The faire this year ran every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. It only ran for 6 weeks. From July 6th through Aug 10th. We managed to attend 8 days this year. Every Saturday and the last 2 Sundays. After going the first time, we bought season passes. Thought about getting the passes the first day, but wanted to make sure that I liked it first.

We really enjoyed a lot of the performances, and didn't see any that were truely bad. Here is an incomplete list of what we saw :

Sword School

Hack & Slash

Johnny Phoenix

The Mud Show - this was pretty humorous. I was really laughing in a few parts (especially when the balloons popped). We only managed to catch this show once the whole faire. It's not that we didn't like it, but after seeing the one show, it wasn't very high on our list of priorities.

Glass blowing demonstration - This was interesting and informative. Just did this one once. After that, didn't see much sence in watching it again.

Bird's of the Gauntlet - Really neat to see a hunting bird in action, but again, not much sence seeing it more than once. Picture 1 Picture 2

Axel the Sot - A really good pub show. Unfortunately we saw the first show on a Sunday. A really quiet crowd. I could see this being a whole lot of fun with a good rowdy crowd.

The Joust

Isaac Fawlkes Magician - Caught this show early one day. No really amazing tricks, but good just the same.

Washing Well Wenches - Never actually watched a whole show. Caught parts of several show on many occasions. What I did see of it was very funny, not sure why we never saw the whole thing. The 2 wenches are also very funny when not on their stage. When they are out rounding up people to watch their show, they can be down right hilarious.

We were also very entertained by the cast. From the shows that they perform in, to the little street shows going on all day, and finally to interacting with them one-on-one. All were total professionals and worth the price of admission alone. To see pictures and read more about their exploits, go here.

And last, but not least, there was the food. If you want to know what I thought about the foods I tried this year, go here.

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