GLMF 2004

For anyone that wants to know the daily show schedule

For a list of entertainers, check here.

Not all pages are done yet. Any that are not in a different color and don't have a date next to the word "Updated ". Are just there to give you an idea what is still to come. They are coming, it is just that I don't have pictures for some things yet.

Johnny Phoenix
Updated 7/26
Cast pics
Updated 8/16
Sword School
Updated 8/22
Rogues of Scotland
Updated 7/05
Tortuga Twins
Updated 8/3
misc pics.
Updated 8/2
Updated 8/10
Rat Puck
Updated 8/11
Pub Sing - last 2 days
Updated 8/13
Updated 8/11
Email me Bardic Wind
Updated 8/3
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You can click here to view all the general info about this faire.

You can also click here for a link to the guy that made the frogs for both myself and my daughter.
Good workmanship, and very nice prices.

Links to Star Beacon online news articles pertaining to the faire
07/02/2004 Murder Mystery
07/04/2004 New Riders
07/26/04 Pirates Invade

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