GLMF 2006

For anyone that wants to know the daily show schedule

A sneak peak.
Pics from the mall promo 2 weeks before opening

Not all pictures are mine.
I have been shamelessly stealing ones from other people, who either send them to me, or post them.
Don't worry, I do let them know. Just too hard to keep track of what I got from whom on the pages.

Updated 7/18
Cast pics
Updated 8/23
Sword School
please read"
Updated 7/30
  Rat Puck
Updated 8/8
misc pics.
Updated 8/23
Stage Acts
Updated 8/23
Pub Sing
Updated 8/21
Updated 8/21
Updated 8/21
Faerie Forrest
Updated 8/7
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You can click here to view all the general info about this faire.

Nice article in the Star Beacon 7/10/06

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