GLMF 2007

A sneak peak.
Pics from the mall promo1 week before opening

For anyone that wants to know the daily show schedule

Not all pictures are mine.
I have been shamelessly stealing ones from other people, who either send them to me, or post them.
Don't worry, I do let them know. Just too hard to keep track of what I got from whom on the pages.

Updated 8/22
Cast pics
Updated 8/22
Sword School
please read"
Updated 8/10
Rat Puck
Updated 8/10
  Final Weekend
Updated 8/22
misc pics.
Updated 8/22
Stage Acts
Updated 8/20
Pub Sing
Updated 8/22
Updated 8/22
Updated 8/14
Tinkers Camp
Updated 8/14
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You can click here to view all the general info about this faire.

Other people's photos from this season.
Quite One's gallery is here
Mumsie has some great iweek 1, week 4 .
Scarlett got some good stuff too.

If you find any links that do not work, use the link above to email me.
If you need a larger version of a picture here, email me. It is possible that I have larger images. I shrink a lot of things down for the net. I usually keep the original picture though.