GPRF 2005

This is for the few pictures I got from our brief visit to the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire.

This was our first visit to another faire besides GLMF. It's not too far, about 3 hours away from us, and I could see us dropping down there for another visit in the future. Especially since Sword School is so close and it is fun to visit them as well.

One of the things that really impressed me was the amount of permanent structures on the site.

This is just a small sampling.

We had a good time. The weather was beautiful, though a bit too hot and sunny up in the top area. Once we went down the hill to the lower area though it wa much more comfortable. The terrain is pretty hilly, but not enough to bother us. Though I could see how it would get tiring after a couple of consecutive days going gate-to-gate.

One thing that was a bit of a shock to us, was the food areas. There weren't any tables?!?
All they had were these benches that surounded some of the trees.
Made it a little interesting trying to sit and eat. Guess we are just spoiled with all the seating options we have at GLMF.

Though, on a plus note, they take real cash (not funny money). Though when purchasing pop, you get a bottle of it, not a cup with ice. The food we had was good though. I had a philly-steak sandwich, and Britny had the brownie sunday (which she wishes our faire had). There seemed to be a good selection of food available, though there was no bakery.

We didn't catch too many shows, since we didn't stay the whole day. We left somewhere around 4 as things were getting really crowded. One that we did catch though, was the glass blower. He was very good. Entertaining, fun, and informative at the same time. So much different than what I experienced at our home faire.

Of course, we couldn't visit without catching Spoiled Vixen!

Couple members of Sword School even got picked to participate.

Cy makes such a good whore :-)

Jenna seemed to really enjoy beating Vinnie!

We also ran into the Beshalde gypsies.

We had fun visiting with them, and catching up a bit.
Also caught a bit of Anamchara's show, though my pics didn't turn out, so no pictures of Papa :-(
Also got to listen to Papa playing in the streets.
Harassed Greg a bit as he was working the booth for Griffin's leather.

Oh yeah. Steve also found his favorite booth

Also got to meet another person I have met online.
Captain Spleen!

Overall, we had fun. Though we did miss not seeing any street acting. We did spot some cast, but didn't really get to interact with them. Next time we go down, we will have to catch more shows too.