This is sort of my catch-all site for my musical interests.

Concerts This is a list of the concerts I have been to
with reviews of most of them.
( Currently 35 shows listed, with 28 reviewed )
Also here are
hockey games I have been too.
Iron Maiden Collection My Maiden collection.
Tapes, albums, CDs, DVDs, toys, etc.
Iron Maiden Boots My Iron Maiden bootleg collection.
These are live concert recordings.
Not copies of official releases which is a no-no.
Currently 2035 shows (1270 are unique)
3728 discs
10 of which I need to replace with lossless version.
bootleg covers
One of the fun things about bootlegs, is creating artwork
for the shows. This section is to showcase some of my work.
My Master Recordings This is a list of the concerts I have recorded. 11/30/13
Iron Maiden Concert Master List Those of us interested in live recordings of the band are also interested in making sure the date and the venue are correct.
As such we have had very long indepth coversations debating and figuring out where they played and when.
This section is a summary of the huge thread we used to have on the official board before they moved it again, and all posts were lost.