UPDATED 06/27/15
Wow! I am getting really bad about updating this page. 2 years!
Too much since last update to even think about listing it all. Instead I will just list all the OOB pages I just did.
Sarah, Hound & Arya, Lexx, Satan's Pit, Tremors, Zeke, Vampire Hunter, Zombie Nazi Hunter, Ed666, Monster that Challenged the World
Reaper on Horseback

Man, this is way overdue.
Just finished the WF 2013 pages. Big updates and additions to the Graveyard Scenes section.
I've re-done and added stuff to the Monster Scenes section.
Had to condense the OOB page as it is getting a bit crowded.
I've finished a bunch of kits in the last 2 years that are now in the Kit Index.

Just finished these kits. AMT Alien, Cave Dweller, JP Rex, Boss of the South Pole, Godzilla vs Mothra, Baby Godzilla, Space Godzilla.
Did the pages for
And updated the sale page.

Just added more stuff to the sale page.

Didn't realize how long it has been since I have updated this. Lots of small updates since last I wrote here.
On the bench has been updated, several updates to various guides, like Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden, Graveyard Scenes, Buffy, and others.
I have completed several kits and put them in their perspective areas and added to the index.
Several more OOB reviews. And updated my sale page.

More updates on the bench
Added a page for current kit producers
Updated my kit collection page

Updates to the on the bench section.
A few more OOB's since last I posted here.
Re-did the Monster Scenes section

Did some more re-organization. Split out the humorous type kits from the horror kits.
Re-arranged the main page.
Updated some pages, including some new build-ups that are done.

Got some of the OOB stuff done for things I got at WF.
With some updates to the Monster Scenes section as well.

Been way too long since I updated this page. There have been lots of WIP updates in my On the Bench page.
With a lot more to come as I have many pics to process from finishing my WF contest entries.
I also have to finish the pages of the completed kits, and all the new kits I got at WF.
What I have gotten done though, is the WF 2009 section. All of it is done, except the annual group photo, which hasn't been posted yet, so I can't do anything with it.
I have also updated my daughter's section with her contest entry, and with the stuff she got at WF this year.

Added an OOB review of the new Powerslave Eddie from Mad Dog.
And have updated my inprogress stuff with more work on the protoceratops, godzilla, and allosaurus.

Some more updates today.
More in-progress pics of my Godzilla kit. Some more auction pics for some of my guides.

Well, there are a lot of updates.
With the extra time off for the holidays I have had a chance to get to a bunch of stuff I have been meaning to all year.
So much so, that there is no way to list it all.
Almost every page on my guides to particular types of kits have gotten a picture or two, or some tweaking to the pages.
Roughly 100 pages have been altered in one way or another today.
So look around and see what you find.

Split up my On the Bench page so now the OOB reviews are on a separate page.
Updated the sale page with more goodies.
Updated the my models page with even more kits and pictures from my collection.

Some great additions to the sale page. Hate to part with them, but I need the money.
Coming soon will be some more pics for the Monster Scenes, Buffy, and Disney kits.

Some more in-progress stuff. Also Britny has added comments to some more of her older build-ups.

Updates to the Buffy section, Kaiju section, and the Monster Scenes section.

Added a new seciton for the Monster Scenes.

Updated the My Collection page with some more pics and a few kits I forgot.

Updated my On The Bench page.
Added more pics of the Earshot demon in the Buffy section.

Re-did the main page. I think it will be a little easier to navigate now and a lot less cluttered.
Added an index page to all my built kits, so people don't have to search all over for something.
Add a page for Buffy kits.

Updated my On The Bench page.
Added pages for the Revell Robin Hood, and Anubis Taarna kits I am working on.
Also added some more pics and stuff to the Disney POTC and Haunted Mansion pages.

Added a section for Styrene Kaiju kits. You know, Godzilla, Gamera, etc.

Added some more stuff to the Bandai dinosaur page.
More changes to the sale page.

Added more stuff to the sale page.

Added a page for my collection
Re-opened the store.
Added a page for my newest kit. I nice godzilla vinyl.

Updated my daughter's models page with her recent contest entries.
Added pages for Wonderfest 2007.

Finished my eddie kit.
Tweaked my swampthing kit.
Updated my sale page.

Added a page for the new monster rods coming from Python.
Added a Wonderfest Survival Guide.
Updated my sale page.

Added a page for some kits I have for sale.

Added another how-to page. This one about textureing with a dremel.

Updated the On The Bench section with some new stuff and updates to what I am working on right now.

Re-did the page for my daughter and added her finished kits.
Added the Wonderfest 06 pages and pictures
Re-did the Eddie section, and added pics of my first album bust
Updated the "on the bench" section, and added a couple of new kits.

Re-did the page for my daughter, and added a couple new kits to it.

Moved the Disney section from the geosite.

Moving more stuff from the geosite.
Updated the "on the bench" section. And moved some finished things from there to permanent links on the Horror page.
Started making some changes and additions to how I present information on the PS pages.

Moved the WF2003 section to this site. Add tons of stuff to my PS swap and sell. Also corrected an error on the PS production history that no one caught all this time.

Moved a lot more stuff over from the geosite. Also updated the images for the 'Mother's Worry' when I re-did the page.

Added a section just for Eddie kits.

Slowly getting things moved to the new site.
Have added pages for some new kits. Added some in-progess pics of the MOM Frank, and my LAD Eddie.

Moved things around a little on the main page. Added an in progress pic of one of my Bloom County kits.
Added a page for my "Defenders in Action" superhero diorama.

Haven't done much lately. Today I added an "On the Bench" page, as well as pages for what's on the bench.
Removed the "PL kits list" page. Haven't had time to keep up with it, plus I don't spend much time on the PL board anymore.

Added a page for the Bandai mechanized dinosaurs.
You can find it by going to the dinosaur page from the main model page.

Added a page for my son's Mach 5
Added pages for my daughter's stegosaurus, and in progress work on the alien and Lindburg Godzilla

Added a page for my Conan conversion
Planning on doing some updates to my Prehistoric Scenes site. I have a lot of proto info and pictures to add
Need to get some pics if my daughters stegosaurus and the alien she will be finishing soon. Then I need to get them posted with reveiws.
Scored some more Haunted Mansion kits that I need to take pictures of and post