UPDATED 01/06/13
The Clubhouse - A collection of modeling BB's Has off topic, modeling, marvel models, DC models, a sculpting forum, movie BB, and much more. A fun place to hang out. I should know, I am there every day!
CULTTVMAN'S SCI-FI MODELING - Very cool site. Lots of info and pics about a wide range of Aurora and Sci-Fi subjects. Also a grade-A retailer.
SCENERS - nice site, combining Molemento, Jim&Judy, and Primeval
The Parts Pit - If you're looking for Prehistoric Scenes parts or Monster Scenes parts, this is the place to go. Check it out.
WONDERFEST - This is the official website for Wonderfest. For those who don't know, WF is an awesome model kit show held annually in Louisville KY. Take a look and see what it is all about.
BUC'S MODELING WORLD - Lots of model pictures. Plenty of links.
One of the first places I found when I first got online. Great site.
Aurora email/yahoo group - You can learn a lot about the Aurora kits from this e-mail group. If you tried before and couldn't join, we have our moderator back, so new subscriptions can be approved now!
MOEBIUS MODELS - This is the company that is reissuing the old Aurora kits. And some cool new stuff.
MONARCH MODELS - Another new model kit company. Only 1 kits so far, but what they have coming looks great