UPDATED 06/02/13
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Thought I should update her picture. The one on the left is when I started this page back in 2001.
The one on the right is her shopping at Wonderfest 2011.
This is my daughter Britny's section of my model site. She's been at this for a few years now.
She loves going to Wonderfest and hanging out and checking out all the kits.
She is getting to be quite the little kit builder.
16th kit (5/13)
updated 06/02/13
15th kit (5/12)
updated 01/27/13
14th kit (5/11)
updated 05/25/09
Easter Godzilla
13th kit (5/09)
updated 05/25/09
Hagrid bust
12th kit (7/08)
updated 11/08/08
west kenji GODZILLA 1969 w/ MINYA Super Deformed
11th kit (5/07)
pinkerton babelfish
10th kit
Started at WF 2006 in the room
Finished (5/07)
Spike Bust
9th kit (5/06)
8th kit (5/06)
Polar Lights Ghidorah
7th kit (5/05)
Lindburg Godzilla
6th kit (5/04)
AMT Alien
5th kit (6/03)
AMT Stegosaurus
4th kit (10/01)
Polar Lights Pteranodon
3rd kit (3/01)
updated 3/24/08
Mammoth reissue
2nd kit (3/01)
updated 3/24/08
AMT Gigatic Scorpion
1st kit (fall 2000)
updated 1/23/08
Brit's kit stash
Stuff she hasn't started / finished yet
  Dead - D - Bear

Pinky and the Brain
Pinky and the Brain heads

Spike Bust
Spike Bust
Recon 6
  Pinky and the Brain