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UPDATED 03/28/15
Graveyard Scenes
Sculpted and produced by NightOwl Models
And available from Steve

Currently in production.

Wonderfest 2012
These are a very neat series of interlocking bases for any 1/12 or 1/13 scale kits.
They work great with the MS and the MOM Aurora kits and reissues.
As well as ther original kits created for this line.

You can read more about them, here.

graveyardr scenes
So far, there are 15 bases in the series.
And has instruction sheets and a
mini comic
created and drawn by Jim Craig.
Click on area of map below to go to a page with a review of each base 

The Figures

My kits
An area to show off my personal collection and built kits

graveyardr scenes