History of the Clubhouse modeling forum.
(the short version)


Every now and then, this subject comes up at the Clubhouse. Since I am lazy, I get tired of typing the same information over and over and over again. So I thought it would be a good idea to just write it all down here, once. Then I can just send people the link, and/or copy part of it into a post.

First, a little back story.
The Clubhouse came into being mainly because of 1 person. (well, technically 2 people)
Those people are Spock and Lisa.

Lisa Greco was the customer service manager for Playing Mantis. But to those of us that were around at the turn of the century, she was the face (screen-name) of the Polar Lights model company. She ran the message boards for the company and kept all of us unruly modelers in line. She was also something akin to a den-mother to all of us. And affectionately referred to as The Queen of Styrene. She nurtured that comunity. Made the place feel like home, let us have some fun, but wasn't affraid to slap us back into line when needed. She was loved and adored by most of the regular visitors to the site.

Spock (Harry Malone) was a member of the board, and a fellow modeler. He also had a lot of web skills. So much so, that first he put together the PLBB site-ring. So all of us fellow board members could find eachother's sites. Then, to help out those that didn't have sites, he set up the Model Museum. Which was a blend of links to build-ups online and submissions from those who didn't have any webspace that Spock would put up himself. You can see an early version of what it looked like here.

Then, one fateful day (April 27, 2001) Polar Lights fired Lisa!
The board was a buzz with rantings, ravings, and other talk. All of which kept getting edited and deleted.
We needed someplace where we could discuss what had happened, and what, if anything, we could do about it.
Enter Spock, charging to the rescue!
He found us a place where we could gather and type our thoughts.
But the first port in the storm, turned out to be very temporary. It had a limited number of posts it would hold, then after that, it started deleting the oldest posts. Not good.
Again, enter Spock charging to the rescue!
He set us up on EzBoards

That was our home, until 12-19-2003.
By that time, we had pretty much outgrown EzBoards. Our bandwidth charges were killing us, and we didn't have the options that we needed for other stuff. So, the staff found a new place, put it all together, and brought in some more help.

Which is when I came on board as staff for the very first time. I was so proud, and a little nervous, seeing my name on the brand new front page of the board.

So, as you can see. Without Spock, we wouldn't have the Clubhouse, or the Model Museum.
Both are his brainstorms and creations.
Sure, a lot of others have helped keep the clubhouse running (both from the staff and the membership).
And without members submitting kits, there wouldn't be much to the Museum. But Spock is the one that keeps the Museum running and up-to-date. It's his baby.
He doesn't participate on the boards much anymore, so a lot of new members have no idea who he is, or what his contributions have been. And I just want to do my part to make sure that all know who is responsible for the fun we have there.

If you want even more history and backstory. As well as looks at how the board has changed and evolved over the years then you will want to continue on to the next page.

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