The Mystery Machine stop in Conneaut Ohio. With Trevor Ylisaari (tay666) and my daughter Britny (evil3)
For those who do not know. This is a project undertaken by members of the Polar Lights BB.
One of the members built this model, and it is being mailed to a bunch of the members to be photographed at local landmarks.
More details and pictures from other members are available here

At the Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock Company - the main reason this town came into existence.

Overlooking Lake Erie

Lake Erie again. You can almost make out the Conneaut Lighthouse through the window of the van.

One of my favorite fishing holes on Conneaut Creek.
Another one of the big tourist attractions for the city.
Walleye fishing on Lake Erie, and bass & trout fishing in Conneaut Creek

These 2 are shots with the Route 20 Viaduct in the background. Built in 1924 and coming down this year.
As a side note, the model is actually sitting on one of the pillars of the bridge it replaced.

2 shots of Britny holding the kit at the state line as you are going into Conneaut

While we were at the state line, thought we might as well take pic of the sign for PA


I figured what would be a trip for the Mystery Machine without at least one stop in a cemetary.
So I took a few pic at one of the city cemetaries.