wonderfest 2010 wonderfest 2010

Ok, here is my tale of WF2010 from my own perspective.
For those who do not know, that is us in the pics above. Me (TAY666) on the left, and my daughter (Evil3) on the right.
This year marks our 9th consecutive year attending the show.
There were several things that were quite different this year.
First, I ran into absolutely no traffic issues on the way there or back! Which was a very pleasant surprise.
The other huge difference, is that I finally managed to talk my wife into coming along with us. She has never been.
Has no interest in kits, and up until this year was more interested in going camping than lounging by the pool at the hotel.

Got there, and got checked in, and unloaded the car.
Still didn't get a room with a balcony, which meant having to trudge down to the lobby and out to the courtyard any time we wanted to smoke. That, combined with the lack of seating in the lobby, the hallway, and outside any of the doors still leaves me not a big fan of all the changes that were made to this once friendly and inviting hotel.

Though, even with all that inconvenience, it didn't put a dent in all the fun we had.
Saw lots of familiar faces as we were showing my wife around so she could get a feel for where everything was.
She was amazed at how many people we knew, nad how friendly they all were.
Duh, why do you think we look forward to this every year, and make the 8 hour drive to attend!

With no traffic issues, we got there around 2 PM Friday. So we had lots of time to hang out and visit.
When things opened down by the dealers room, I got our passes and my contest entry forms.
(yet another change this year, my daughter didn't have a contest entry.for the first time since 2003.
Too busy with her first year at college to get anything done. )
Back in the room, I filled out the entry forms and we had some dinner.

wonderfest 2010

Then it was back downstairs to see what was going on. We hung in the lobby, a bit. Went upstairs to the pre-show party that Federation sponsored. We even ended up in Cult's suite part way through a really bad movie. Called Bitch Slap.
It was so bad, it was almost good. Though part of that was probably the company we were watching it with, and the comments being made.

Was up early Saturday so I could get my kits entered right at 8 AM.
Then I had to track down Dave Hodge. He was planning a Prehistoric Scenes display for the show. I had volunteered to contribute some stuff from my own collection to help round-out the display.
After finding Dave, he showed me where it was going to be set up, showed me the stuff he had, and let me set the whole thing up, as he was busy with other show stuff.

wonderfest 2010 wonderfest 2010

After that, it was alomst time for the dealers room to open. So I ran back to the room for a quick snack, then Britny and I headed to the dealers room, while my wife was getting ready to go to the pool again. (she spent some time there Friday as well, and really enjoyed it)

We made our way around the dealers room. Which took quite some time. Between looking at all the goodies on the tables, and visiting with all our friends. After one pass, I made a quick purchase. Both the Moebius Conan kits. Then lugged them up to the room. Had a snack, then we were off to see our first demo.

wonderfest 2010 wonderfest 2010

Crazy Joe and Steve Riojas doing Borging the Barbie Pt2.
Ended up being the only demo we saw the whole weekend.
Not quite as funny and entertaining as last year, but it was still good and informative.

After the demo, we met up with the wife. Went through the contest room, checking out all the cool entries, and taking a bunch of pics. Then, my wife wanted her picture taken with some of the people walking around in costume.

wonderfest 2010 wonderfest 2010
wonderfest 2010

Another cruise through the dealers room, and we decided to rest for a while.
Best place to do that, was at the PS display.

wonderfest 2010

One more pass through the dealers room and it was time for it to close up.
We headed back to the room to figure out what we wanted for dinner. The wife was taking a nap, but she woke up long enough to say she wanted KFC.
That left Brit to use her netbook to find the closest one, and me to actually find it, and bring back the food.
Thankfully the trip was uneventful, though the line at KFC took for ever.

After eating, we headed back down to the lobby.
After that, we intended to go to Cult's, and Griff's, and to catch part of the movie with Dr Gangreen.
Well, that is what we intended. What actually happened, is that we stayed planted on the couch in the lobby until like 3 AM.

wonderfest 2010

It was awesome. People kept coming and going all night long.
Lots of great people, interesting discusions, and lots of laughs.

After a few hours sleep, we were up for Sunday. The last day of the show.
More laps around the dealers room, visiting and checking out goodies that weren't there on Saturday.
A few more purchases, and a lot more pictures. Things were fairly empty right off the bat, so we got to check out some of the more popular tables, that were crowded all day Saturday.
Same in the contest room that morning.
Before we knew it, it was almost time for the awards ceremony.
Quick bite to eat then we grabbed some seats and waited to find out who won what.

I already knew that my Breakfast is Tiffany got a merit. I figured I was done. Thought it was the best piece I brought to the show, though I kind of hoped that my pirate head might have a shot at a bronze.
So, I was completely floored when they called my name for a silver in the kiaju catagory.
After they had gone through the bronzes, I wasn't expecting anything. I was just trying to place the kit names with the kits I saw on the contest tables.

wonderfest 2010

After the ceremony, I made a dash down to the contest room to collect my entries and get them back up to the room.
Then a quick trip to to the dealers room to see if I could find any deals.
Ran into Dave, and he reminded me that I needed to break down the display, as they had to get that room cleared out as well.
So I made a quick trip into the dealers room to check a few things, then Brit and I both broke down the display and hualed everything out.
Still had a few minutes before the dealers room closed after that, but decided to just grab a seat in the halway and chill.
Chatted with several people for a while.
Also played doorman for a while when I was outside smoking, I would hold the doors open for dealers hauling stuff out, or coming back in with their carts to load up again.

After a dinner from McDonnalds I played with my new toys. Taking all the parts out of the boxes and looking at the sculpts and just fondling the resin. The wife got a kick out of checking things out too. She's not into kits, but she found them kind of cool.
Then we headed back down to the lobby.
Not nearly as many people about, as they were either at the banquet, or in the bar.
About 11:30-11:45 we decided to make an appearance at Griff's suite.
Had some fun chatting with Jimmy and a few others. About twenty after twelve we left and started heading back to the lobby.
Figureing we would have plenty of time to catch everyone when they got booted from the bar at one.
Ran into Shane in the elevator on the way down and he told us we already missed the group shot!
Seems they closed the bar at midnight.
Not only that, but they kicked them all out of the lobby also. Made them all move down to the hallway where the show took place.
We met up with everyone down there and hung out for a couple hours. Until people started to slip away. Either to their own rooms, or to other parties.
We called it a ngiht.

wonderfest 2010

And in what seemed like a blink of an eye, it was over.
3 days just flew by.
We did so much, and missed so much more.
Met some cool new people, and spent more time with others we hadn't before. But on the flop side, we missed hanging with some old friends. Either because they were there this year, or we just didn't seem to cross paths.