Godzilla Conversions
UPDATED 10/26/20

Not sure how many people are aware of these pieces, but thought I should document this stuff.
These are all for the classic Aurora Godzilla kit.
They are cool parts to spice up an otherwise kind of boring kit.
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Lighting kit.
Lets you light the back fins and add an atomic blast.
Replacement head and tail
This was the first one.
The first conversion piece for the old kit.
Eating the train, just like the big PL kit.
Then we got this beauty.
The replacement mouth inserts.
And a true classic if there ever was one.
The Gojira head, to make him look like the first movie.
Along the way, we got the Rodan head.
Much more accurate than the original.
Don't know a lot about this one.
This is the only picture I've seen, and I don't own one yet.
Sadly, Al is still out of the game as far as producing his kits.
We almost got another cool customizing set.
Godzilla crushing a plane in his hand.
But sadly, that never saw the light of day.