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Welcome to the Polarpaedia!

Here we have collected just a few of the stories, the legends, the rumors, the stupid things people have done around here and, of course, a few photos.

The Polar Lights Bulletin Board has been around since 1998 and many modelers have passed through it's threads.  A veritable community grew up within it's walls, driven by a genuine affection for Playing Mantis and Polar Lights. That affection was repaid with respect, appreciation and friendship - something you don't expect from corporate America. The board has now disappeared but you can still link to the Modeling Forum that absorbed it and search old threads. 

We asked for memories.  We asked for stories.  We got 'em.   But if we missed or misrepresented something, be sure to use the Contact Us link to let us know.

Thanks to Trevor (TAY666) for hosting this nostalgiafest.

Thanks especially to those who remembered stuff (you know who you are).

This am correct.


         Jim (Arronax)

A little bit about this site

  • Most of the entries on this site are direct quotes (sometimes edited for spelling and brevity) from PL BB members past and present taken from e-mails to me and posts on the board.  Where a paragraph (or more) is a quote, it's prefixed by the author's BB name in bold type.

  • Text in italics is usually a clarification of a situation added by me.

  • In keeping with the style of the Polar Lights web site, hyperlinks look like this.

  • Photos have either been sent to me for inclusion, are from my personal collection or have been "borrowed" from member's websites.  If I've used something of yours without permission, I will gladly remove it if you ask.

  • Any corporate logos used for illustration are, of course, copyrighted by the owner of that logo.

  • I'm not very good at the legal stuff but suffice to say that this site is in no way associated with or approved by Polar Lights, Playing Mantis, RC2 or Hobbytalk.

  • While I respect that all of the contributors are sci-fi and figure modelers, this site is really designed to collect memories of the hey-day of Polar Lights.  Putting it nicely, there isn't really any room for pictures of the actual models or building tips except where subjects are of historical importance.

  • I was (and still am) a huge fan of Polar Lights and I've made many friends through the board.  Da Rulz should apply to this site as they did to the board.  Please drop me a line if you feel you have not been fairly represented.