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What is this site?
Well, a long time ago, on a place called
Cinescape there was a great board devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel.
This place was called
Raven's Realm.
And many people got together to discuss their favorite TV show.
Then one day, TPTB at Cinescape decided there was no longer a need for a Buffy board and decided to close it.
The people were frantic. They would loose contact with all their friends. Where would they talk about Buffy and hang out?

Along came Aaron to save the day!

He created a new board for everyone to gather at called Board Now.
And the fans rejoiced! [YAY]

But all was not well.
Some people couldn't get along with other people.
Things were done and said that caused a great disturbance on the board.
Eventually this caused the Great Rift.

The board split into two separate boards.
With some going to one, other going to the other, and a select few who kept one foot in each.

The two boards were
Conversations With Dead People (CWDP) ..................[click here to see what the board looked like back then]

Over the years, with the canceling of the shows that drew us all together, things have changed.
CWDP has changed from a Buffy centric board to a more generalized TV forum with a focus more towards the TV show Lost. And has changed its name to Lost Horizons. Though there are still a few of us left there that remember the glory days though.
Dusted has still kept a lot of it's identity. It still leans heavily on the Jossverse and follows the exploits of the actors who played the characters we loved so well.