snow storm conneaut ohio You can see how much snow we got.

This all started on Friday afternoon.
This picture was Saturday at around noon.
I had just managed to dig a path from the back door,
to the front door.
Still had to widen it enough to get the car out.

snow storm conneaut ohio Looks kind of pretty
when it actually stopped snowing for a bit.

I got the driveway done Saturday and got out to the store.
We continued to get more snow, plus lots of blowing and drifting.

snow storm conneaut ohio snow storm conneaut ohio
You can get an idea of the drifts in these 2 pics. The first on, is out our back door.
There is actually a deck there, with a step down, then several stairs leading up the hill.
Can't tell in the pic though as it is all one huge snow mound.
To give you an idea how deep though, that trash can is sitting on the deck.
The drift is taller than the can and the can is sitting over a foot and a half off the ground.

The second picture is the top of our driveway.
The drift is almost up to the hood of the car.

snow storm conneaut ohio Here is what it looked like after I finished shoveling on Sunday.
All that was done by hand, by me.