Winter PICS

Blizzard Spring 2008

Well, 3 days after that ice storm, we got naild with a blizzard.
Over a foot of snow in less than 24 hours. Tons of fun.
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Ice Storm Spring 2008

Early March, 2008.
We got nailed with a very nasty ice storm.
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Blizzard Spring 2007

Mid February 2007 we gpt hit with a nice little blizzard.
The pics here are the snowfall from just one day. We had some snow on the ground before that, but these areas shown here were pretty much clean before the storm hit.

Upper Left - A shot out my side door. Where my car is usually parked, now there is about 2 feet of snow.

Upper Right - Out our back door.That drift is about 3 feet high. As the trash cans seen there are sitting on a deck that is about a foot off the ground. Notice the swing in the background.

Left - Where my car is now. When it got stuck when I tried to leave for work in the middle of the blizzard. At the time, it was clear in front of it, with a big drift behind it, which caused it to get stuck. Durning the night the drift kind of shifted.

Almost Spring 2005

Here is a good demonstration of the fun of living on the shores of Lake Erie.
These two pics were taken on Saturday April 2nd. On Thursday we had temperatures around 65 F sunshine, and things had finally almost dried out from the snow melting and all the rain we had.
Then we get to wake up to this! Weather is calling for 6-12".
Not my idea of spring.


Just a few quick pics of our first significant snowfall. Normally not a big deal, but this year it actually held off until 12/13/04