Conneaut Township Park

I talk about township park a lot with my online friends. So I thought it would be a good idea to do a little page about the park to give them an idea of the layout. That way they can kind of get an idea of what I am talking about.

The Park

Here is the park.
I have highlighted the roads that run through it to make them easier to see.
The main road you see running horizontily at the bottom of the pic is Lake Rd, also known as State Route 531.
The aireal picture I am using is several years old and some things have changed since then.

1. This is the upper pavilion area. So called because the pavilion sits on top of a hill.
The upper right corner of the paved area around it, is where we built the new gazebo.

2. The beach at the base of the hill below the upper pavilion.
There is now a parking lot at the end of the access road. This area is used for weekly car shows during the summer.

3. The main pavilion and concesion stand. Which also has bathrooms and showers.
There is now a boardwalk from here down to the beach, which also runs parallel with the water for a good stretch as well.
The area between the parking lot, and the access road for #2 is where the playground is.
You know, slides, swings, jungle gym, all the fun stuff for kids.

4. The bluffs. this area is a great place for a view of the lake.
This picture from D-Day 2005 should give you a good idea how it got it's name

That is looking at the hill from the beach. The top of the hill is where the parking area, and benches are.
There is a set of concrete steps running from the top to the bottom, so you don't actually have to try climbing up the hill.
Great place for sled riding in the winter as well.