Some of my construction projects

Thought I would throw together this page with some of the construction projects I have been involved in.
For those that don't know. I do a little side work with a local contractor on occasion.

New projects in 2007

Our latest project.
Sidwalks at Conneaut Township Park. Up in the 'bluffs' area.
It's hard to get the full perspective in a picture. That trench you see runs over 850' and is for a sidewalk that will be 6 feet wide.

See this page about the park
to get a better idea what I am talking about.

This section of the sidewalk is running to the right of the road leading ot the bluffs in the picture on that page.
This is only phase 1 of the project and is a little over 1/3rd of the total footage we will be doing.

I got my picture in the paper working on this project.

Below are pictures of some work we did there a couple year ago. The roads and the curbing were redone by another company. we got to go through and backfill, grade, seed and straw the whole thing though.
Took a few weeks to do.
Not fun in the middle of summer out in the sun like that.

Projects from 2006

First we re-did the upper pavilion. We didn't build it. Just renovated it. New siding outside, added siding inside on the walls and for the ceiling. It also got garage doors added for the lake side of the building, so if there were a storm coming in, or cold winds, you can now close that side for more shelter.


In the same area as that pavilion, we built this gazebo.
In the far corner overlooking the lake and the park.
This thing was a real pain.
See those boards used for the roof/ceiling?
Well I handled them way too many times

Put them on sawhorses to stain them.
Set them to the side to dry.
After dried, then they were stacked.
Then they were loaded in the truck to go to the park.
Then unloaded at the park.
Then miter cut and stacked by the gazebo
Then handed up to be nailed in place.

If I remember correctly there were 567 boards.


I have built several garages in the area.
The one above is just one of them. This one was lots of fun as the property is located on what was once one of the city's schools. In particular. This part seems to be have been in the playground area.
As we found a whole lot of asphalt when we were trying to dig the post holes.
Lots of fun trying to get the auger bit on the tractor to try and dig through it.

Pump House

My first job at Township Park.
We rebuilt the pump house.
Just a small shed-like building to house the pump by the concesion stand.
Not a big job, but it did quickly illustrate some of the issues with working for the park committe. We had to go back a few times and make minor changes to satisfy the different board members.