Uproar 2011

Uproar Festival 2011

09/16/2011 - First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown PA

Here is the quick summary for those not interested in the full review.
Hell or High Water
Didn't really see them, as I was still getting a parking spot and getting in the venue. Only heard about half their set, as I was walking around checking things out.
Art Of Dying
Never heard them before, but I liked them.
Nothing real stand out, but a good solid show and performance with some tunes I liked, though I don't really remember them.
Black Tide
Didn't see them as I was getting something to eat during their set.
I can see why they headlined the second stage.
Very tight, very professional, and very good at what they do.
I just wasn't into their style. Not in the mood for that kind of music that day. So I left after 3 songs to go get a spot for the nest band which would start the main stage.
Escape The Fate
Much like Art of Dying, I liked these guys. Young, full of energy.
And the songs, while not memorable, were enjoyable at the time.
Bullet For My Valentine
Good presence, and show. Just not really into their music.
If I was, I probably would have loved it.
Love their music. Thought their live show was acceptable.
Meaning, I was glad I saw them, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see them again. If they are on a bill with another group I like though, I wouldn't mind seeing them again.
Three Days Grace
These guys killed it!
They rocked. They worked the crowd up. Interacted with the crowd.
Could have been the headliner.
Avenged Sevenfold
They came out with a bang, and for the rest of the night, they rocked our faces off!
Where TDG was about working the crowd, and building off that, with a lot of give-and-take. A7x just came out and nailed it!
They had the attitude of we're A7X and we are going to rock you weather you want us to or not.
Awesome stage set. Lots (and I mean a lot) of pyro.
The tunes were rocking, they were dead-on-the-money.

Ok, now, for those interested in more information.
Here is the full review of the day, the venue, and the show.
This was my first trip down to this venue. No particular reason, other than it's farther away than Blossom.
Which, I could have went to to catch this show, but that was the following Wednesday. This show was on a Friday.
So, one less vacation day to burn up.
Since it was a 3 hour drive, I brought along a bunch of munchies and such. In the rush to load everything in the car though, I forgot my camera. :( So no pictures.
The trip itself was rather uneventful, until I actually got to Burgettstown.
The venue is just off the exit from the highway. But man, you want to talk about a traffic jam!
I got there at 1 PM, the gates were supposed to open at 2. I didn't get the car parked until almost 2:30.

One thing I noticed right off, that was different than any other show I've ever been to.
There was a ton of tailgating going on in the parking lot. Grills going. Lots of people playing cornhole. Lawnchairs, music, and coolers. Quite the party going on.
Also, nice to see they had a bunch of port-a-potties around the parking lots.

Got into the venue and started scoping things out.
The lawn didn't look as steep as Blossom, though it did seem a bit wider.
It had areas on either side with permanent buildings with food, drink, and bathrooms.
If you climbed up to the top of the lawn and went down over the other side, you were in a paved area, where they had the 2nd stage set up. Along with vendor tents, and tents for most of the acts.

By the time I got in, I had missed the battle-of-the-bands winner, and Hell or High Water were already half way through their set. So, I just took the time to scope everything out, and see what was what.

That brings us up to

Art of Dying

01. Get Through This
02. Whole World's Crazy
03. Best I Can
04. Rainging (wtih Adam Gontier)
05. Die Trying

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26 minutes

By this time, I am starving.
I planned on stopping on the 3 hour + drive down. But for some reason, not one exit on I79 has a Burger King !?!
Normally, I don't buy food or drinks at concerts, as the price is just way too high.
But since I still had like 7 or 8 hours until I left, I figured I needed some kind of sustenance.
Turns out the prices aren't too bad there (comparatively)/
Got a cheese-steak sandwich, fries, and a pop for like $13. And it was pretty good too.

Unfortunately, since I took the time to wait in line, then sit down and eat. I missed Black Tide.
Did make it back in time for Sevendust though.


01. Splinter
02. Praise
03. Forever
04. Pieces
05. The End Is Coming
06. Face To Face.

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Only stuck around for the first three songs. They were good. But I just wasn't in the mood for that kind of mucis that day.
Went and sat up on the hill, under some small pine trees. Just relaxing, listening to the music in the distance.
Then I went over the hill, and onto the lawn for the main stage in preparation for Escape the Fate.
I could have headed to my seat (shich I had already scoped out and gotten familiar with). But I wanted to see what things were like from the lawn. Just for future reference.

Escape the Fate

01. 10 Miles Wide
02. Issues
03. Day of Wreckoning
04. Gorgeous Nightmare
05. Liars and Monsters
06. This War is Ours
07. Aftermath

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30 minutes

Kind of interesting watching a small circle pit form on the lawn. With it being slopped and all, made it a little more difficult for the participants. The band were ok, though I don't remember much about them.
I do remember they had good energy, decent stage presense. and songs that were fun and easy to get into.
Then it was off to my seat, to get ready for Bullet For My Valentine.

Here is where I discover something I don't care for too much with this venue.
When I first scoped out my seat, the area was empty. The seat was nice and comfortable, and there was even a cup holder on the seat in front of it.
When I went down for BFMV there were people in the row on either side of me. That is when I realize how close together the seats were. I was litterally wedged into my seat. Thankfully the couple to the right of me, only lasted about half the set, and never returned for the rest of the night.

Bullet for My Valentine

01. Your Betrayal
02. Pleasure and Pain
03. Waking the Demon
04. The Last Fight
05. Guitar Solo
06. Scream Aim Fire
07. Tears Don't Fall
08. Alone

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42 minutes

After their set, I made a quick trip to the bathroom, the water fountain, and had a quick smoke.
Then back to my seat. Good thing I didn't take too long, they were almost ready to start the set for Seether.
The whole night was like that. Not a lot of lag time between bands. Which was cool.


01. Gasoline
02. Fine Again
03. Broken
04. Tonight
05. Country Song
06. Rise Above This
07. Fake It
08. Remedy

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37 minutes

Pretty much the same as the last set break.
Though now it was starting to get e bit chilly out there. The weather was unseasonably cool for this time of year.
High in the low 60's with it getting down around 50 by the end of the show.
I was actually wearing a sweat shirt, and my jean jacket, and never really worked up a sweat the whole day.

Three Days Grace

01. The Good Life
02. Break
03. Pain
04. I Hate Everything About You
05. Home
06. Lose Yourself / Home
07. Never To Late / band props
08. Riot
09. Animal I Have Become

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51 minutes

Getting a bit colder now. But the anticipation of A7X and the huge crowd make it fairly comfortable anyway.
Another trip to the bathroom, drink of water, and a smoke, then it's back to wait for the headliners.

Avenged Sevenfold

01. Intro
02. Nightmare
03. Critical Acclaim
04. Beast and the Harlot
05. Welcome to the Family
06. I Won't See You Tonight part 1
07. Afterlife
08. Not Ready to Die
09. Scream
10. A Little Piece of Heaven
11. Bat Country
12. Riffs for the Pit

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80 minutes

It was an awesome day of great tunes and fun times.
Only thing that would have made it better, is if my normal co-pilot would have been along. But my daughter is off at college now, I need to get used to doing these things solo again.
Now, for the worst part of the night. Getting out of the parking lot, and driving home.
Got back to my car at 11:20. Got on the highway just before midnight.
Actually, not too bad. 40 minutes, a lot less than it took to get in.
The part tha sucked though, is it took over 20 minutes just to get out of my row in the parking lot, because people don't know how to pull out into traffic at shows.
The drive home was kind of rough though. It had been a long day, and it was a long lonely drive back, on a dark empty highway. I ended up stopping at every rest area to get out and walk around to wake myself up.
So I didn't get back until almost 3:30 AM. But I got home in one piece, with no close calls.

Uproar Festival 2011 Uproar Festival 2011