Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Unknown Producer

UPDATED 01/11/08

Buffy Model kit - BTVS

Won this one on ebay. Got it cheap, which was the whole reason I grabbed it..

Buffy Model kit - BTVS

The likeness isn't too bad, though it isn't great.
Maybe I will drag out my tripod and try to get a better pic of the face.
This is supposed to be 1/7 scale, though the overall hight is only about 9 inches. So I think it might be just a bit bigger than 1/7 though not 1/8 either.

The casting is pretty good. Some seam work and pour spouts to take care of, but nothing real bad.
I did find one bubble that will need filled. Right at the ends of one of her curls of hair, on the back of the head. It's pretty big, but shouldn't be too bad to fill and detail..