On the Bench
  UPDATED 12/31/17  

I've got several irons in the fire right now. It's my buckshot approach to getting something done in time for WF.
With so many in progress, I am bound to finish one or two of them in time :D
Buffy - Lorne  The Host
Needful Things - Hound & Arya
updated 05/07/17
Buffy - Lorne  The Host
X-O Facto - Satan's Pit
updated 03/31/16
Castle Mare
Castle Mare
updated 06/23/14

Pegasus Relic
updated 03/06/16
Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows
updated 01/14/17
updated 06/19/14
iron maiden model kit
Iron Maiden Busts
updated 04/15/16
Buffy - Lorne  The Host
The Host - Tower of London.
updated 04/19/14
Death Dealer Mule
updated 02/23/14

3 Kings - Ripley
updated 07/04/13
updated 06/18/16

Flying Reptile
updated 04/19/14
Woolly Mammoth
Woolly Mammoth
updated 04/19/14
Disney Robin Hood figures
Revell Robin Hood figure set.
updated 04/14/13
  Marusan Godzilla
Marusan Godzilla.
updated 11/14/10
mecha godzilla model kit
Mecha Godzilla from Bandai
updated 03/01/09