My Monster Scenes Collection
UPDATED 12/31/16
I figured it was time to break these out into their own page.
They were really starting to fill up the other page, and I still plan on getting more.
  2 Kogar Deluxe Moebius/Cult Styrene
  1 Robot Monster Moebius/Cult Styrene
  1 76 Kong Moebius/Cult Styrene
  4 Kogar Moebius Styrene
  1 Animal Pit Dencomm Styrene
  2 Dungeon Dencomm Styrene
  1 Ferral Cat Dencomm Resin
  4 Ferral Cat Dencomm Styrene
  1 Saber Tooth Rabbit Dencomm Resin
  3 Saber Tooth Rabbit Dencomm Styrene
  1 Skeleton Dencomm Resin
  4 Skeleton Dencomm Styrene
BTVS - Buffy Hush Gentleman     Graveyard Scenes bases CultTVman resin
    GS - Creepy Coffin CultTVman resin
    GS - The Fly CultTVman resin
    GS - The Girl CultTVman resin
graveyard scenes     GS - Grave Robber CultTVman resin
graveyard scenes     GS - Monster Maker CultTVman resin
    GS - The Real Ghostbusters CultTVman resin
    GS - Vampire Bride CultTVman resin
    GS - Vampire Hunter CultTVman resin
    GS - Wolfman CultTVman resin
  3 Bride of Dracula Molemento Pete resin
    Invisible Man Molemento Pete resin
    Scream Queen Molemento Pete resin
    Graveyard Goodies Molemento Pete resin
    The Operation Cult TV Man resin
  2 Jack Davis Frank-head Cult of Personality resin
    Chaney Jr "Man Made Monster" Cult of Personality resin
    Glenn Strange Franky Headless Hearseman resin
    Betty Page Headless Hearseman resin
    Box Art Vampirella Scary Terry resin
    Yithian Action Hobbies resin
    MotM Creature from the Black Lagoon Moebius Styrene
  2 MotM Dracula Revell Styrene
  3 MotM Frankenstein Revell Styrene
  2 MotM Mr Hyde Aurora Styrene
    MotM Jekyll Aurora Styrene
  4 Gift Pack Monarch Styrene
    MS Dr Deadly
prepaint display kit
Moebius Styrene
  6 MS Dr Deadly Moebius Styrene
      MS Frankenstein Clear/Green Moebius Styrene
  2 MS Frankenstein Moebius Styrene
    MS Giant Insect
prepaint display kit
Moebius Styrene
    MS Giant Insect Moebius Styrene
  2 MS Gruesome Goodies Moebius Styrene
  2 MS Hanging Cage Moebius Styrene
    Glowing coals upgrade Prehistorix resin
  3 MS Pain Parlor Moebius Styrene
    MS Pendulum Moebius Styrene
  4 MS Vampirella Moebius Styrene
    MS Victim
prepaint display kit
Moebius Styrene
  4 MS Victim Moebius Styrene
  2 MS Victim Aurora Styrene