My Collection
UPDATED 10/29/20

Ok, thought it was time to start on this page.
Not only to show off what I own, but also to help me keep track of what I actually have
I won't bother to list kits I have already finished, as they are already showcased on other pages here on my site.
And can be found in this convenient
I also will not include the
dinosaur models, Kaiju kits, and Eddie kits, as that would just clutter things up.
This will be for kits that I have not started yet, and for the few that I have owned, but opted to sell off as I figured I would never get around to building them. (I am kind of slow that way)
WarhammerArachnarok Spider
Ash Ash bust Todd Carolan resin
balrog Balrog bust ?? resin
Bart Simpson Heller Styrene
Black Bear - partial Aurora Styrene
Black Panther Revell Styrene
Bride of Frankenstein Polar Lights Styrene
Buffy   resin
BTVS - Spike United Empire Miniatures resin
Conan - comic cover 1 Moebius resin
Conan - comic cover 100 Moebius resin
  Creature Aurora - glow Styrene
  Condor - partial Revell Styrene
Critters Critters Gilman Productions Resin
Customizing Kit 1 Polar Lights Styrene
Customizing Kit 2 Polar Lights Styrene
Dark Shadows Darkshadows   Resin
Dark Shadows Darkshadows MPC Styrene
Deathdealer Deathdealer Moebius Styrene
Death Dealer on Mule   Resin
Dragonslayer Vermithrax Pegasus Vinyl
Dr Jekyll Moebius Styrene
Drej Alien ( X 3) Polar Lights Styrene
Eagle Lifelike Styrene
Cthulhu Elder God of the Deep Collapse Industries Resin
Fate/Stay the Night - Saber Kotobukiya Styrene
Fate/Stay the Night - Lilly Kotobukiya Styrene
Forgotten Prisoner Polar Lights Styrene
Forgotten Prisoner - mini glow Bluesky resin
Ghost of Castle Mare ( X 3) Monarch Styrene
Ghost of Castle Mare - glow ( X 2) Monarch Styrene
Gigantic Praying Mantis ( X 2) AMT Styrene
Gigantic Scorpion AMT Styrene
Gigantic Tarantula ( X 2) AMT Styrene
Glo-Head Apeman ( X 3) MPC (Round2) Styrene
Glo-Head Mummy ( X 3) MPC (Round2) Styrene
Glo-Head Vampire ( X 3) MPC (Round2) Styrene
Glo-Head Werewolf ( X 3) MPC (Round2) Styrene
GOT - Hound and Arya Needful Things Resin
GOT - Ice King Dead End Resin Resin
Green Haze Green Haze Kit Kong Model Mansion Resin
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Moebius Styrene
Grinch Grinch   Resin
Guillotine Polar Lights Styrene
Guillotine #55 Polar Lights - numbered Styrene
Guillotine #70 Polar Lights - numbered Styrene
Deathscythe Gundam - Deathscythe Bandai Styrene
Deathscythe Gundam - Deathscythe Bandai Styrene
Gundam Gundam - HuZhen Guyan & BuDuiBing Bandai Styrene
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday??resin
Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Goodfellas Resin resin
Haunted ManorHaunted Manor - Escape from the Crypt
Haunted ManorHaunted Manor - Flight of the Vampire x 2
Haunted ManorHaunted Manor - Grave Robber's Demise x 2
Heavy Metal Embrace Heavy Metal - the Embrace Streamline Resin
Heavy Metal Taarna Heavy Metal - Spaceship Anubis Resin
Hush Gentleman Mysteria Resin
Invisible Man Moebius Styrene
Iron Maiden Lindberg Styrene
Jeepers Creepers Jeepers Creepers bust Todd Carolan resin
Sarah JLC - Diablo Jean-Louis Crinon Resin
Sarah JLC - Sarah Jean-Louis Crinon Resin
Lil Pumpkin Head JLC - Zeke Jean-Louis Crinon Resin
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger - Dismay be the End Lindberg Styrene
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger - Freebooters Last Leg Lindberg Styrene
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger - Hex Marks the Spot Lindberg Styrene
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger - In the Pinch of Peril Lindberg Styrene
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger - Shining Spoils of the Skallywag Lindberg Styrene
Komodo Dragon Revell Styrene
Lexx Hunk of Junk Resin
Link ( X 2) Heller Styrene
Lizard Arii Styrene
London After Midnight   resin
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter Bandersnatch resin
Micheal Meyers Polar Lights Styrene
Halloween Micheal Meyers Polar Lights Styrene
Micheal Meyers - replacement base Cult / Night Owl resin
  Mountain Gorilla Revell Styrene
Monster Scenes /
Graveyard Scenes
Mummy 99 Polar Lights Styrene
Munsters House - Ghostly green Moebius Styrene
Munster's Living Room Polar Lights Styrene
Nosferatu - glow Monarch Styrene
Outlaw & Robin Hood Fink Revell Styrene
Farscape Pilot TZY resin
Pumpkinhead Pumkinhead bust Todd Carolan resin
Reaper   resin
Reaper on Horseback Atlantis resin / styrene
Red Dragon of Krynn Screamin vinyl
Relic Kothga Pegasus Vinyl
Rhedosaurus   resin
Ripley Three Kings resin
Roadrash Critters Monster Dork resin
Robby the Robot - chrome Polar Lights Styrene
Robin Hood Coach Revell Styrene
Robin Hood figures Revell Styrene
Death Note Ryuk bust Blackheart Resin
Satan's Pit X-O Facto Resin
Babylon 5 Shadow Vessel Warp Resin
Sleepy Hollow Polar Lights Styrene
Smaug Smaug Jimmy Flintstone Resin
Snake Scene Polar Lights Styrene
SupernaturalSupernatural Impala x 2
  Super Tiny Terror - #5 Kisszilla Mad Labs resin
Super Tiny Terror - #6 Batzilla Mad Labs resin
Super Tiny Terror - #2 GodzFink Mad Labs resin
Super Tiny Terror - Rodan Mad Labs resin
Heavy Metal Taarna Taarna on Bird- Heavy Metal Ravenhood resin
tingler Tingler conversion set. Posthumous resin
Tachikoma Wave Styrene
Tremors GEOmetric resin
Undertakers Dragster Polar Lights Styrene
VampirellaVampirella plaque
Mad Labs
White Tailed Deer Aurora Styrene
Salem Witch Witch (glow) Polar Lights Styrene
Yama's Hawg Polar Lights Styrene
 Penguin conversion Young Frankenstein conversion Cultman Resin/styrene
Zev Hunk of Junk Resin
Zombie Nazi Hunter ?? Resin