iHobby Expo 2012

iHobby expo

Ok, finally made it to my first iHobby show.
That's because they moved it from Chicago to Cleveland, and now it is only an hour and a half away from me.
It's a little different than something like Wonderfest. This is actually an industry trade show.
It encomasses all hobbies. Such as models, trains, RC cars, slot cars, and a bunch of other stuff.
The first 2 days (Thursday and Friday) are not open to the public. Only Saturday and Sunday are.
They had a make-and-take, car races, fighting robbots, and a ton of other stuff all going on at once.
My main interest was seeing the model booths, talking to the guys about what is gonna be coming out, and when.
As well as visiting with friends, and entering the model contest put on by IPMS.

The IX Center is a huge place. Lots of walking to get anywhere. And there were a ton of booths. Most were of no interest to me. But some were really cool. Like the Woodland Scenes area was just mind-blowing. Seeing all the stuff they had set up on display. I don't do gaming miniatures, but seeing the Games Workshop display was also really cool.
The amount of detail and craftsmanship put into those pieces was just insane.
There were some other booths with supplies that caught my attention as well. Some paints, pastels, and tools.
There were also a few booths set up selling some kits. Though, in the end I didn't buy anything at the show.



All in all a fun but tiring day. Lots of time on my feet, and at times the place was very loud and noisy. So trying to talk with people was almost a chore. But I am looking forward to doing it again next year for sure.