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Time Line

Dawn of man: Ape-like creatures discover a large rectangular block of stone.  Spend next million years looking for a good glue to stick it to something and a good paint color match

1957: One striking figure mentioned is a Gallup poll from 1957 which reported that 80% of teenage boys listed plastic modeling as their favorite hobby.

1964: Aurora Gigantic Frankenstein released.

1978: Aurora closes its doors.

1987: Tom Lowe founds Safe Care in Dundee IL

1994: Johnny Lightning brand launched.

1994: Safe Care becomes Playing Mantis.

1994: Polar Lights brand launched.

1995: First Polar Lights kits produced - the Addams Family House special for FAO Schwarz.

1996: First PL website and bulletin board started.

1998: Hobby talk PL BB started.

February 22, 1999: The Hypothetical Question is asked.  Should Polar Lights pay for the bulletin board?

February 26, 1999: Tom is convinced.  The BB is saved.

September, 1999: PL web site updated and crashes.  BB members rush in to try and save the day

October, 1999: LAPCO announced

February, 2000: Yamahog leaves UNC and goes to Duke.

March, 2000: Mike Warshaw’s article on Playing Mantis and Polar Lights published in Inc. Magazine

April 27, 2001: Dark days.  Lisa leaves Polar Lights under less than positive circumstances.  Board members cannot believe Da Queen has gone.  Many leave for the Club House board.

June 7, 2004: RC2 acquires Playing Mantis

June 12, 2006: The lights go out.  The Polar Lights Bulletin Board is closed.

November, 2006: Polar Lights brand eliminated by RC2.  The PL names disappears from the RC2 website.  Previous links to the PL website now direct the user to the new RC2 Johnny Lightning website.