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The Huntress168 viewsThe Huntress

While all the jungle creatures flee, the huntress stands her ground. One shot lies between her having prey and becoming prey.
The Huntress192 viewsI’ve been working on this one for a long time. Wait… did I say “working”, I’ve been staring at this one for a long time. For some reason this build could not hold my interest over the years, consequently it was in and out of the closet quite a bit. I’d only do a little work at a time, then back she goes.
The Huntress164 viewsThis is by the way the famous Aurora “censored kit”, that was never released to the public. If you look closely you can see the skirt is considerably shorter than the final release. She also possesses other more “enhanced” features that appeal to the superficial man. I have one of the original Auroras. The one in this photo is a casting I made from my original.
The Huntress157 viewsThe tree was formed from two castings of the Tar Pit’s branch, the trunk is fabricated from castings of the Tar Pit tree’s trunk, just shaped into a different configuration.
Her bow and the vines that drape from the tree are the only parts I made entirely from scratch.
The Huntress145 views
The Huntress163 views
The Huntress162 views
The Huntress158 viewsThese two plants and the one in the upper right were fabricated from castings of the little plant from “the Giant Bird” kit. I just wanted to make more variations within the Pre-Scenes foliage.
The Huntress156 viewsI made this dragonfly YEARS ago. In fact it was originally going to be on my dimetrodon, but I opted for a blue one on that build instead. I always liked this one better, so I’m glad it finally found a home.
The Huntress142 viewsI made the tail longer on this archaeopteryx. It always felt like it was too short to me. I also made the head face forward.
The Huntress148 viewsSometimes I think my camera lens is too good, these guys look a lot better from a distance.
The Huntress136 views
The Huntress178 viewsLong ago this tree provided a Dimetrodon a bit of comfort, shade from the hot sun wherein to breathe his final breath, the tree in turn finds sustenance from the decay. From death comes life.
The Huntress203 viewsThis build was a long time coming. The original, right off the Aurora assembly line, flesh toned censored parts were given to me as a gift from Andy Yanchus WAY back in 2008 (I think it was). The only stipulation being that I actually build the thing. It’s been in and out of the closet for over eight years now. This is the very first female figure I have ever built, and I must say, I have never been so intimidated by a woman in all my life. Creating a good color and painting her was the hardest task. She has a few layers under her skin, and I was never quite satisfied until the final coat.
The Huntress216 views
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