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Giant Bird

Kit # 739
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by Bill Lemon
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???

Aurora giant bird model
28 parts. Molded in metalic blue.
1972 series kit. Never reissued.

my aurora giant bird model
My model

Aurora giant bird model Aurora giant bird model

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.


Giant Bird parts list
Click to see a pic of all the parts
with each numbered.

Aurora giant bird model kit



Legs, wings, and jaw are moveable.
Being part of the '72 series, it has some nice details and extra pieces.
That said, it still doesn't have a lot of demand. Just not prehistoric enough for a lot of people. Though a complete kit is pretty tough as there are some small pieces that are lost easily.
Look for prices to be mid-ranged, though a totally complete one can get pricey.

Giant Bird
1972 Aurora box
Click for 5 sided view

Aurora model kit contents

aurora European box

aurora shipping carton
Master Carton

I don't really know that much about this model. I do have a built-up that I won on ebay. It doesn't look bad, so it will probably be a while before I get around to re-doing it. It does come with 2 sets of legs, so you can decide it you want it to stand on 1 leg or 2.
For some reason, I just can't get excited about this kit. Might be because it is a bird. I know they were predators, but c'mon. A bird. No where near as much fun as a dinosaur. The kit itself looks ok. The seams aren't bad, and are in fairly easy to hide spots. The base is interesting with a nest, some plants. The flying reptile that comes with this is the same as the one in the swamp.
The wings, beak, and legs are movable on this kit.


Added 9/5/01

The photo and text bellow are courtesy of John Ross. He recently auctioned this piece off on ebay for $2000.

aurora box art

This is the original painting used to make the box for the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes kit of the "Giant Bird". The colors of the painting are much brighter than the photo shows. The frame measures 22 x 18 1/2 inches. The painting shows more than the cropped down image on the box. It was aquired in 1997 from Bill Bruegman of Toy Scouts, Inc. He purchased it, along with other paintings, from an ex Aurora employee.


aurora prototype model parts
Check out the actual Aurora pattern on this page.