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Kit # 732
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???

Aurora giant bird model
45 parts. Molded in a light tanish brown.
From the original 71 series. Never reissued.

Prehistoric scenes cave display
This should give you an idea of the size.
Prehistoric scenes cave display

Aurora cave model
The kit with an extra set of bases.
My finished kit
My aurora cave model
click to see more pics
aurora cave model parts
All the parts
aurora cave model parts
Some of the small parts

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.




It has a 5 piece base that allows a few options on how you put them together. Also comes with tools, weapons, bones, a fire pit and 3 walls.
The club (pt # 42) is the same as the small club in the "Neanderthal Man" ( pt # 20).

Lots of little pieces to make things fun.
Partial kits aren't hard to find, but complete ones are pretty tough and go for some decent prices. Original '71 is more desirable because the dinosaur on the box and because it is a bit harder to find.

Aurora 1971 cave model box
1st edition box w/dinosaur
Click for 5 sided view
Click for box text

Aurora 1972 cave model box
2nd edition box w/o dinosaur

aurora cave model artwork
The actual artwork

both cave model boxes
Click image to see all 4 sides of both boxes


Note the difference in the box art between the 2 pictures. The original box has a dinosaur pictured on the box. Later versions had the dinosaur removed. This was because customers complained when they found out that the dinosaur wasn't included in the kit. The same thing happened with the Neanderthal Man kit. The box size also change between the 71 and 72 versions.

I have been told that the flying reptile can be mounted to the roof of the cave. I haven't been able to get it to stay on the top. A little glue might get it to stay in place, but I don't want to do something like that. I like being able to move things around on my kits.

Also, as you can see in the picture, you can combine 2 cave kits bases to make a really big cave.
If you add the Cave Bear, you can still use 3 extra cave base parts to complete a cave floor
The Cave Bear wall fits fine with the cave walls, and is needed to make a completely enclosed cave..


Here is something very interesting.
A cave molded in gray plastic

aurora cave model parts aurora cave model parts
aurora cave model parts
aurora cave model parts aurora cave model parts

This was in a first edition Canadian box. Which leads me to believe that this might have been from the first production run in Canada.
Figuring that maybe they hadn't gotten the color for the cave yet and used a color that they already had on hand.

Pictures and information provided by Trevor Riehl

I now have a gray cave as well.

aurora cave model partsaurora cave model parts