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Tyrannosaurus Rex

kit # 746
Designed by Dave Cockrum
Sculpted by Bill Lemon
Box Art - Dave Cockrum
Instruction Illustration - Dave Cockrum

Aurora model kit
53 pieces. Molded in red-orange with glow pieces.
1975 series kit. Reissued multiple times.

great idea John's great idea
A couple of pics of John Vespucci's Rex. A very good idea using an aquarium for storage.

Just to give you an idea of how big the kit is

tyrannosaurus model backdrop

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.




tyrannosaurus model parts

tyrannosaurus model backdrop

trex model parts
tyrannosaurus model backdrop Ray Miller's backdrop

Tail swivels in 2 places and pivots at he body. Legs and arms turn. Feet and hands spin.
Head pivots up and down, and spins. The jaw also moves. Over 18" tall and 30" long

This is an wonderful design. So much articulation and the size is huge!
Popular in all versions, but the original is highly sought after for the glow parts. You're looking at over $100 easy for a crappy built-up that has the glow pieces. You find a nice box and contents to go with it and you are talking about the most expensive and chased kit of the series.
Jaw, head, neck, arms, paws, legs, feet, and 3 tail sections move.
Another one that doesn't change it's name in the reissues. And the only normally reissued kit to not be put out again in 2007.

Click for more picturese of the aurora box
Aurora box
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All the goodies
Box, instructions, inserts, and backdrop
Monogram '79 tyrannosaurus box
Monogram 1979 - #6043
  Monogram 1979 tyrannosaurus model
Monogram 1987 tyrannosaurus box
Monogram 1987 - #6077
  Monogram 1988 tyrannosaurus model
Revell 1993 tyrannosaurus box
Revell 1992 - #6339
  Revell 1993 tyrannosaurus model
Revell-Germany 1993 tyrannosaurus box
Revell-Germany 1993 - #6470
  Revell-Germany 1993 tyrannosaurus rex
Atlantis 2011 tyrannosaurus rex
Atlantis 2011 - #4001
  Atlantis 2011 tyrannosaurus rex
Revell Germany
Revell 2015 - #6470

I've got a question for anyone with information.
Look at the picture below and let me know if you know what version that packing configuration might have been used for.
It has already been determined that is was no the JCPenny's catalog version.

Click for larger image
Entier contents would fit in a 12x12x12 box.

Ok, here is another odd thing.
I got an email from Jeff at
He wanted to let me know that he spotted
the rex model in an episode of the
Greatest American Hero
After asking around at the clubhouse,
I found out the episode name is
"The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"
from season 2. It is only shown at the very end of the episode.
Randy at Killing Time was kind enough to get a screen grab for me.

  Click for larger image
A very intersting book cover.
Kind of looks familiar doesn't it

This model is huge. Over 18" tall and 30" long. The original was molded in red plastic and had glow-in-the-dark eyes, teeth, claws and nameplate. I think this one might have been the model that got me completely hooked on the whole perhistoric scenes line. This model was made so that almost everything moves.
The mouth opens and closes. The head turns and moves up and down.The arms move and the paws rotate. The legs move. The tail has 2 rotating sections, plus it pivots up and down.
I'm sorry to say that mine is nowhere near done. It's been assembled since sometime in 1988 (shortly after I found it at Toys-R-Us). The holdup has been filling all the gaps. This is a snap together model, so the fit isn't the greatest. Usually not much problem, but on this scale it turns out to be a major undertaking. So I just can't seem to be able to get around to doing the putty and painting.
Also, since it is so large, it keeps getting tucked away in corners and such. So over the years I have managed to lose the left "hand" and the outer claws on both feet. I just got another for replacement parts.
Someday, I will finish it and find somewhere to display it.
I almost have all the parts I need to build an original. I am building this with no paint or putty, just to display clean. The reissue I have will get the full treatment.
I also have ideas for a base I want to try my hand at sculpting. It is designed to fit several locations with the other models.

An interesting auction item. Some replacement parts in an Aurora shipping box.
Yet another neat item I lost out on.

The original kit was molded in red plastic and came with glow-in-the-dark eyes, teeth, claw, and nameplate. The reissues I have seen are dark green with no glow parts.
The original model comes with a 3 color backdrop. Except for the JCPenny's catalogue version. This came in a plain box that was too small for the backdrop to fit into. If you want to see an example of the box and read more about it, check out Ray Millers PS kit on CultTVman's site.
Check the links section.

I discovered from Mr. Cockrum that when it came time to do the box art for this kit, no one at Aurora had any ideas. So they used Dave's design picture. Notice the smaller teeth on the box art. That was how it was originally designed, but Aurora wanted the teeth bigger to make it look more fierce.

The jaw moves up and down. The head swivels. The neck moves up and down. The arms, paws, legs, and feet move. The tail pivots up and down and has 2 other sections that swivel.

tyrannosaurus rextyrannosaurus rex
tyrannosaurus rex
tyrannosaurus rextyrannosaurus rex