My Aurora
Prehistoric Scenes
Inside the box

Aurora prehistoric scenes model kits
Inside the box
Basically a section for the other stuff that came in the boxes besided the kits.
Aurora model instruciton sheet Instruction Sheets

Just like it sounds. This is where you can find scans of all the instruciton sheets I have owned so far.
American, Canadian, European, and reissues...

aurora prehistoric scenes model map Maps and other Inserts

Here you will find scans of the maps and other inserts that Aurora included in the boxes with the kits...

How to tell the boxes apart

So, you have a box. But which version is it?
Well, this page is to pass along all the observations I have made so far about the different box types.

Ayrora shipping box Interesting Items

Ok, so not really stuff that would have been in the box. But I had to put this somewhere, so I figured I would fill out this section with it.
Just a collection of a few other PS items..