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Prehistoric Scenes
Production Information

Classic Plastic
Production Information
Here you will find the pages with information on the production aspects of this series..
Prehistoric Scenes Production History

Information on what kits were produced, when they were made, and who made them..

Aurora model design sketch Design Sketches

This is were I show off some of the cool ideas that were on the drawing board..

aurora prototype model parts Never Produced Items

This section deals with some of the kits that might have been, but never were. Things that Aurora almost made but either never got to, or changed their minds along the way.

rex reissue In Production Now

This is where I get to tell you about any and all things that are currently being made. Either reissues of the kits, or reproducitons of other elements of the series.

Dencomm 2008 Prehistoric Scenes calendar No Longer Available

This is where I tell you about cool stuff that used to be available. But sadly isn't being made any more.