Rock Allegiance 2011

Rock Allegiancel 2011

09/17/2011 - Classic Park Eastlake OH

Here is the quick summary for those not interested in the full review.
Drive A
Meh. Young and energetic, but no real attraction for me.
Also very good. Loved the tunes which were performed very well. Great stage presence.
Never heard them before, but I liked them.
Really energetic, good tunes, and the singer had a good command of the crowd. Want to see again..
Alien Ant Farm
Watched from the bleachers as I needed a rest, and didn't think I cared about seeing them.
Now I wish I had stayed on the field. Good performance and the crowd was rocking
Puddle of Mudd
Thought I was going to like them more than I did. Show was good, but they didn't seem like they were trying that much, and came off as just another show.
Really surpised me. This was the 3rd time seeing them. The first 2 times were not pleasant.
I actually enjoyed this performance and had fun.
Papa Roach
My second favorite group did not disappoint me.
This show was a lot different than my other PRoach experiences, but that wasn't because of them.

Ok, now, for those interested in more information.
Here is the full review of the day, the venue, and the show.

Rock Allegiancel 2011

This was my first trip to this venue. Mainly because it is a baseball field, and has only had a couple concerts there.
I love the fact that this place is so close to me, wish they would have more shows there
Only about an hour away, and no real wait to get parked. Did have to wait for gates to open a bit, as I got there early.

Got into the venue and started scoping things out.
The place is very nice, as it is only a few years old now.
Will post some pics to show
what the place looks like.
It was a nice set-up actually. The soundboard was on the pitchers mound. The stage was set up a little beyond 2nd base. There were 2 kinds of tickets for the show. Field, and bleachers. Both were GA. So if you were in the bleachers, you could sit anywhere you wanted to. If you had field tickets, you went on the field and stood where you wanted, or sat anywhere in the bleashers you wanted to.
Really nice. With a laid-back, casual atmosphere that would really influence the tone for the entire night

That brings us up to the first band

Drive A

01 Revolt
02 The World in Shambles
03 Can't Sleep it Of
04 Let's Have a Wreck
05 Are You Blind

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20 minutes

Between bands, I watched the crew change the stage over. Was kind of neat with there not being a back to the stage. You could see the line of drum kits waiting to be rolled into place.


01 Prove You Wrong
02 Colors
03 Lay Me Down
04 Dead Memories / band props
05 So Far Away
06 Killing Me Inside
07 Cold

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29 minutes

After Crossfade, I wandered around a little and just check out the venue some more and scoped out the growing crowd, which was still kind of sparse..


01 Feed the Machine
02 The Outside
03 Let Go
04 Lie to Me (Denial)
05 Death of Me
06 Breathe Into Me

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29 minutes

Now, my feet and back were getting tired. So I wandered up to the bleachers and found a good spot to chill.
Firgured I would stay there for the next set, as I wasn't real excited about the next group..

Alien Ant Farm

01 Courage
02 What I Feel is Mine
03 Yellow Pages
04 Movies
05 Sticks and Stones
06 Wish
07 Smooth Criminal

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26 minutes

Made my way back down to the field and worked my way up through the crowd for a good spot for the next group.

Puddle of Mudd

01 Stoned
02 Psycho
03 Away from Me
04 Control
05 Gimme Shelter
06 Old Man
07. Blurry
08. She Hates Me

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42 minutes

Now it is pretty much completely dark, and really starting to get cold.
Did manage to find some cool people to hang with and just BS and talk music and such.
Good way to pass the time while waiting. Took a little longer to get things set up for the next group.
Wasn't quite sure who was headlinging this date, so was really interested to see whose name would be on the stage next.


01. Dead
02. Rescue Me
03. All Night Long
04. Dead Again
05. Everything
06. Oh My Lord
07. It's a Party
08. Next 2 You
09. Lit Up
10. Sorry
11. Crazy Bitch

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51 minutes

Getting a lot colder now.
I had my jean jacket, and a sweatshirt on, and was still almost shivering. But I was so stoked for PRoach to come next.
So much so, that I wanted to make sure nothing happened to ruin it.
Which is probably lucky for some drunk in the crowd.
I was taking some picks from off to the side. Just trying to get some crowd shots. One of the times that I set up, I forgot to turn off the flash on the camera. This set off some idiot on the edge of the crowd. He came over ranting about not wanting his picture taken. Insisting I delete the pic. And when I ignored him, he got in my face and tried to take my camera.
Instead of doing what I wanted to do, and leveling him, I started walking away. Which is when he grabbed my jacket.
I pulled us both closer to one of the beer wagons and started asking for security in a loud voice.
He let go and took off staggering away.
About 10 minutes later the intro music started and it was time for the main course!

Papa Roach

01 Getting Away With Murder
02 ... To Be Loved
03 Burn
04 Between Angels and Insects
05 Forever
06 No Matter What
07 Kicked in the Teeth
08 The Enemy
09 Lifeline
10 One Track Mind
11 Scars
12 Hollywood Whore
13 Last Resort

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60 minutes

It was an awesome day of great tunes and fun times.
Only thing that would have made it better, is if my normal co-pilot would have been along. But my daughter is off at college now, I need to get used to doing these things solo again.
Leaving and driving home was a breeze. I did run into a little headache with the construction on RT2, but I still got home in time to catch my Saturday night anime.
Too bad I was too tired to stay up and watch it. But what an awesome 2 days I had between this show, and Uproar down in Pittsburgh the day before.
The only real bummer of the day, is that my recorder screwed up on me, and I didn't get Buckcherry, and missed the beginning of Papa Roach.

Rock Allegiancel 2011 Rock Allegiancel 2011