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Cro Magnon Woman

Kit # 731
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by Bill Lemon
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???

cromagnon woman model kit
Only 15 pieces. Molded in a flesh-like color.
Part of the first wave in 1971. Never reissued.

cromagnon woman model kit
Next to a pop can for size reference.
cromagnon woman model kit

cromagnon woman model kit
aurora cromagnon woman model parts list
Click image to see a numbered
picture of the parts
aurora cromagnon woman model kit my cromagnon woman model kit
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of the completed kit

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.


aurora cromagnon woman nameplate




First wave kit. The arms are moveable
Comes with a two-headed snake and multiple arms and legs to spice things up.
Pretty easy to find. Not as much demand for this compaired to a lot of others in the line.

aurora prototype model parts
Picture of the original prototype parts that were
toned down by Aurora before going into production.
More pics on this page.

Aurora 1971 cromagnon woman model box
Aurora Box

A picture of 5 sides of the box
A picture of the text on the box side


Aurora 1972 cromagnon woman model box
'72 box and parts

cromagnon woman 1971 Canadian box   cromagnon woman 1971 Canadian box
A couple shots of the
Canadian box

1971 European box top1971 box top

A comparison of the European and US version box tops. US version is on the right.

turnaround view
A look at both boxes from all sides.
This being one of the first wave kits, has two different box sizes. All the first kits had their box sizes changed in 1972 when the next wave was released as well. This model, as well as the other "human" kits in this series, comes with 2 sets of arms and legs. That way, you have a choice in how you want the model posed. This kit also comes with a 2 headed snake. Which is probably the most interesting thing about this kit. For some reason, the human kits just don't seem as fun to me. Maybe because at 1:13 scale, they are kind of small which makes them a pain to paint. Of the 3, this is my least favorite. It doesn't have any of the neat extra parts that the two men have.
I have some pictures of one of mine up here now. Now I can start on the other one. I intend to build 2 versions, using the optional parts.

Added 9/19/07
Thanks to
Kurt Christensen there has been a new place discovered for the Cromagnon Woman to go.

aurora cromagnon woman model kit aurora cromagnon woman model kit


Added 10/21/01

The following description excerpts and picture are from a recent auction. They are posted here with permission of the seller who wishes to remain anonymous.

This is the original art used for the box of the Cro-Magnon Woman model kit for Aurora's Prehistoric Scenes line.
The frame is 21 by 24 inches.
You get to see more art on this than the cropped down image that is on the box.
I am the second private owner and have a letter from the original owner, Bill Brugeman from Toy Scouts, explaining how he got it and that I am the current owner.

aurora cromagnon woman box art

aurora cromagnon woman box art aurora cromagnon woman box art
aurora cromagnon woman box art aurora cromagnon woman box art

Added 12/15/07
This art just sold on ebay again for $2000.
Info from the Heritage auction.-
Gouache on board 14 x 17in. Not signed

aurora cromagnon woman box art