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Kit # 743
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by Bill Lemon
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???
Aurora mammoth model kit
29 parts. Molded in brown with ivory tusks, pins, and nameplate.
From the '72 series. Detail in the fur and such is nice.
The legs are moveable, the head pivots, and the trunk swivels, sort of. It is pretty limited by the tusks.
Big demand for the originals, as the reissues do not have bases. Even the reissues fetch a decent price though. Mainly because the size of the kit. It towers over everything except the Trex.
One of the few kits to keep it's name in the reissues. Though the new Revell issue is called 'Tusk'

Aurora 1972 mammoth model box

Aurora box

Revell-Germany 1993 mammoth model box

Revell-Germany # 6476

Monogram 1979 mammoth model box

Mongram #6041

Monogram 1987 mammoth model box

Mongram #6075

3 diff mammoth heads

This one shows 3 different versions of this kit.
Left - Aurora kit
Center - Monogram '87
Right - Revell-Germany
I'm not sure what color plastic the '79 Monogram used.
Note the difference between the Aurora and Monogram. They are similar, but still pretty easy to tell which is which.

To veiw a parts list for this model, ckick on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.


mammoth nameplate

Aurora mammoth base
The 3 pieces of the base


100,000 YEARS AGO

mammoth model parts
Click image to see a numbered
picture of the parts

This model is a little bigger than most of the other kits in this series. It's actually a really good sized kit. I forgot exactly how big this model was until I just got the '93 reissue. Pretty straight forward assembly. You can see my daughters built up kit here.
The reissues do not come with the base. It does make me wonder if the mold for the base still exists or if it was damaged of possibly disassembled
The legs, head, and trunk are movable on this model.

I have heard that the first run of the Revell-Germany issue has the base with it!
I don't doubt the source, but I won't say definitely until I actually see some pictures of it. I do know it would be a pretty tight fit inside that box.

Also, be aware that most of the reissue boxes say it has a base, even though it doesn't.


Here are some prototype parts that were on ebay recently.
Actually, these are castings of the actual proto parts. They didn't sell even though bidding went over $400, it still didn't hit the reserve.

Auorra prototype Auorra prototype Auorra prototype
Auorra prototype Auorra prototype

Alternate legs and trunk that were considered for the kit but were dropped to keep the kit price lower.

      NEW SECTION : to show examples of each version of the models

Aurora mammoth model
Aurora mammoth model

Monogram 79
Monogram 79 mammoth model


Monogram 87
Monogram 88 mammoth model

Revell-Germany mammoth model

Revell mammoth dinosaur model
Revell mammoth dinosaur model
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