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Three Horned Dinosaur

Kit # 741
Designed by - ???
Sculpted by Bill Lemon
Box Art - ???
Instruction Illustration - ???

Aurora three horned dinosaur model
26 parts. Molded in silver.
Part of the '72 series. Reissued multiple times.

Triceratops model kit
Size reference photo.

Triceratops model kit

my hree horned dinosaur model
Click image to see more of the completed kit

Revell triceratops dinosaur model Aurora hree horned dinosaur

To veiw a parts list for this model, click on the link. It is in .txt format. You are more than welcome to copy this list.




three horned dinosaur parts
Click image to see a numbered
picture of the parts
three horned dinosaur nameplate

Legs move, tail swivels, head and jaw pivot up and down.
Nice sized kit, that looks really good. Lots of texture and detail to have fun with.
Even though all the reissues are complete, any version has some good demand. It's a nice kit of a recognizable dinosaur.
Reissues go by the name of Triceratops (though Monogram only used this as a sub-name). Revell 2007 issue called 'Trike'

Aurora 1972 three horned dinosaur box
Aurora box
Click for 5 sided view
Click for box text
Monogram 1979 hree horned dinosaur box
Monogram 1979 - #6042
  Monogram 1979 hree horned dinosaur box
Monogram 88 hree horned dinosaur box
Monogram 1987 - #6074
  Moogram 87 hree horned dinosaur
Revell 1993 hree horned dinosaur box
Revell 1992 - #6338
  Revell 92 hree horned dinosaur
Revell-Germany 1993 hree horned dinosaur box
Revell-Germany 1993 - #6471
  Revell-Germany 1993 hree horned dinosaur box
    Revell-Germany spiked dinosaur
Revell triceratops dinosaur model
Revell 2007 - #6509
  Revell triceratops dinosaur model
Revell Germany
Revell 2015 - #6471
I have the Revell version. You will probably notice that this model is very similar to the Spiked Dinosaur kit. I have both and can tell you that they have the same body, tail, hind legs, and base. The heads are similar but not identical. The horn on this one is shorter and points more foreward than the spiked dino. Also, the teeth are different. The front legs have slightly different poses, and have a different skin texture. Probably saved Aurora a lot of money on tooling costs, being able to use the molds on a couple different kits. .
The legs, tail, head, and jaw on this model are movable.
As far as I know, all the reissues contain all the original pieces.

The flat rock that snaps on to the big rock on the base has the same thickness as the one on the flying reptile base. Which allows the flying reptile to be mounted on it. An interesting option for those who like variety.

You want to know how similar the kits are? Take a look at this picture.

Mix up

Looks like someone screwed up when they put this up for auction. Actually this is how they came from the factory. A "spiked dino" model in a "three horned" box. I got an email from a friend who said they ran across a whole bunch of these back around 1994. A business over in the UK had a large quantity of these that were mis-packaged. I don't know if the problem was exclusive to the overseas market, or if the problem turned up over here in the USA as well.