My Prehistoric Scenes
Built-up Models

Other kits not on the map

Click any section of the map above to be taken to the page for that model. Eventually, I hope to have an actual picture of all my built-ups to use for this.
So far, I only have 6 kits done (allosaurus, spiked, trike, cave, tiger, cromagnon woman).
The rest of the pages have either :
  • pictures of the built-up I have purchased and plan to re-do
  • pictures of the raw kit
  • ideas I have on how I want to build the model when I get to it

I will also try to get more "in progress" pictures up while I am working on them.
That is my next goal, to get pictures of everything I have right now, no matter what stage it is in.
I know I have to get some better pics of the one that are done. Now that I have a decent camera,
it should be easier to get pictures taken and uploaded.

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