TAY666 website.
This site is for several purposes. Mainly to share pictures with my friends and fellow hobby enthusiasts.

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes The first of which is for my never ending quest for information about the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes line of model kits. I have dedicated several years to this quest and have gathered all the information in the Prehistoric Scenes section.
my model kits This section goes hand in hand with the prehistoric scenes section, as it is for the rest of my model kits.
It is for showing off my model kit collection and my completed models.
Concerts This section is where I get into concerts I have been to and part of my music and Iron Maiden collection.
Medieval Faire section The next main section of my site is devoted to my enjoyment of medieval faires.
My daughter and I have had lots of fun at faire (especially GLMF). So this section if for sharing pictures of our fun with all our friends.
Halloween Pictures Halloween pictures
Where I celebrate my favorite holiday by showing off pictures of
my decorations, as well as other local displays/
My Home Town This section is where I show off pictures of Conneaut Ohio. The city I live in..
Hilarious House of Frightenstein HHOF This area is for my ongoing search for more episodes of the Early 70's Canadian kids show
Hilarious House of Frightenstein.
About Me This section is a bit more personal.
It's for showing off pictures of myself, and some of the places I have visited. Contains pictures all my halloween decorating I have done the past few years, as well as holiday trips, and other events.
Instruction Sheets Pretty self explanatory.
This is where I have gathered all the model kit instruction sheets that I have scanned and uploaded.
My Conan Comics My index of Conan comic books, and which I have in my collection