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For those that don't know.
Hilarious House of Frightensteing (HHOF) was a Canadian childrens show from the early 1970's.
It starred Billy Van, Vincent Price, and Fishka Rais.
Billy played a number of roles including the Count, the Wolfman, the Librarian, Doctor Pet Vet, Grizelda, and several more.
(I am working on some screen captures to get some good images)

I watched the show during hte 70's on a local station, WUAB 43 from Cleveland.
As well as one of the Canadian stations (think it was CHCH 11)
We were lucky to have a cable system back then. (channels 2-13)

Once I got online in 2000, I started trying to find out more information about the show.
Turns out there were a whole lot of people who still liked it, and were actively tracking down episodes for their personal collections. Surprisingly, this series really holds up well. It is still enjoyable to watch for both young and old. When I first got a few episodes I had fun watching them with my young daughter, who also enjoyed them.
Since then I have been trying to accumulate as many episodes as possible for my collection
Which hasn't been all that easy, as there were no official release for the series, and it was no longer on the air.

Thankfully, in recent years the show has again re-appeared.
Though sadly, without the original music, either in the introduction, or in the segments where the Wolfman plays a tune and dances with the psychodelic background.
Though there has been some work towards clearing some of the rights to some of the songs.
I wrote that last paragraph back in late 2007. Sadly, since then things have ground to a halt]

There is quite a difference between the Canadian and US versions of the show.
The original Canadian versions were an hour long, while the US versions are only half-hour long episodes with a laugh track added. These are quite chopped up, and each ep only shows a few of the main characters, where most of the Canadian ones have a full segment for each character in every episode.

I am still trying to get more episodes for my collection.
Being something of a completist, I want all different version.
USA, Canadian, the new re-broadcast versions, etc.
Plus I am always looking to upgrade episodes I already have.
Many of which came from VCDs, so they were MPEG1 sourced and very low quality.
Idealy, I would love to get everything on DVD from good transferrs of SP1 VHS sources.