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Please contact me if you have any information, or better yet, pictures of Prehistoric Scenes displays.
I am really lacking in this area.

This picture is thanks to TRASHARM. Watch for his auctions on ebay, he usually has some very nice PS stuff for sale.

Click on the image to go to a page with some more pics of this display.
new pics added 3/30/06

A real sweet one here. A T-rex display that hit ebay not too long ago. Would have loved to be able to buy this one.

Click on the picture to see a lot more of this item.


Some nice auction pics of the cave display. This one was really cool. Had 3 kits. Cave, Neanderthal Man, and Allosaurus.

Click on the picture to go to a page with a lot more shots.



The pictures above and below are of the backdrop to the Skilcraft Dinosaur Duo. Which comes with the Allosaurus and Flying Reptile.
I will be re-doing these pictures now that I have a better camera


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