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Interesting Miscellaneous Items

Well , I couldn't figure out where to put this stuff, so I made this page for it.

Here is an interesting item

Note the part numbers on it.#1001 must be some sort of combo pack.

Another oddity.

Very interested in learning more about these and what else is available.
If anyone knows more about stamp collecting (more specificlaly FD and SE cancels) I would love to hear from you

I have this very interesting letter from Aurora. This was sent to my by Jeff Johnson.
He had sent a letter to Aurora suggesting another kit for the line. Aurora sent him this letter outlining what went into producing a model from concept to store shelf. A very interesting read.

Now, thanks to Rodger Moore we have a scan for the free T-shirt offer that were advertised on some of the Monogram '87 reissues.

Next up is something very interesting. Who would have thought that the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes would some day be in a museum? Well, someday is now.

See anything familiar in this display?
This is in the Royal Belgian Institue of Natural Sciences. The display shows different representation of dinosaur from 1850 to nowadays.
I am supposed to be getting a larger picture of the entire display. When I get it, it will be going up here for all of you to see.

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