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This page is for the maps, timelines, and any other inserts that were included in the Prehistoric Scenes model kits.
If you know of any that aren't on this page, please let me know.


Last version of the map layout. This one includes the Armored and Sailback dinosurs

MS map

This is the map from the Make-A-Scene foldout.

my kits

This is a color coded picture of the kits I have. The ones in green - 1971 issues. The ones in blue - 1972 issues. The ones in red - 1974 issues.
If you want a blank copy of this, just grab a copy below.

kit layout
Just for reference. This layout, without the rex measures about 63 x 27 inches.

click for larger image

click for larger image

The 2 pictures above are from, what I belive is, an international version of the Make-A-Scene pamphlet.

inst sht map

From the full color instruction sheets



Reverse side of the map to the left


Generic timeline that was included with some kits.
This is a very large file. It will take quite a while to load.

The Canadian version of the timeline

This is an insert from one of
the European boxes



The Make-A-Scene foldout

Sorry these scans aren't very legible. Trying to keep the file size reasonable.
All the text is available on the "Prehistoric Scenes" page. Also , I do have some higher resolution scans for anyone who is interested.

M-A-S timescale

Here is a larger version of the timescale on the Make-A-Scene insert

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