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Prehistoric Scenes - by Aurora

Prehistoric Scenes

The Aurora Prehistoric Scenes are a line of 17 models produced by Aurora in the early-mid 70's. The are all snap together construction with interlocking bases. Which means you can display the models next to each other. If you are lucky enough to gather them all, you can make a huge diorama. The last 3, Sailback Reptile, Armored Dinosaur, and T-Rex, are the hardest to find. Some of the others have been re-released by other companies over the years so they are a little easier to find. Take a look at the production history page for more details. Check the page for each model to find out details about it.

Click on image for larger picture


the cave

cromagnon man

flying reptile

the swamp

neanderthal man

Aurora box

tar pit

tyrannosaurus rex


armored dinosaur

cave bear

cromagnon woman

giant bird

sabertooth tiger

spiked dinosaur

three horned dinosaur

woolly mammoth

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