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I just received some great news!
There is going to be another of the never-were kits produced!

The Parasaurolophus

As you can see from the photo above, this is another one of Dave Cockrum's designs for Aurora that never saw the light of day.
Well, now it will.
Thanks to Action Hobbies.
Larry is hoping it will be ready by WF 2005

If you want to see more pics, and find out more about it,
this page


Everyone please check this out
It is a page for a benefit book for Dave Cockrum. Go to the page, it is self explanitory.
If anyone is wondering why this is here, Dave was one of the designers of some of the PS kits.
As well as a comic book artist, and an all around great guy.
If you have the slightest interest in this book, and have the means to do so, please order yourself a copy.

The tale of the Steg that never was
See this page for details

click for larger image

Picture posted with Dave Cockrum's permission.
If you haven't checked his site yet, check it out on my links page

click for larger image click for larger image click for larger image

To learn more about this kit, and the history behind it,
check this page
for details and pictures of my kit

Other ideas that never hit the shelves.

The following information comes from Modeler's Resource #13 (October 1996)
The information is from an interview with Dave Cockrum who was a kit designer and artist that worked for Aurora.
His work on the prehistoric scenes line includes, designing the Trex. Illustrating the instruction sheets for the Trex and the Sailback Reptile. Dave also designed and illustrated the Stegosaurus that got as far as being sculpted (by Bill Lemon), but never produced.
There were a few other dinosaurs that were considered, but nothing ever came from them.
There was a billed dino with a horn on the back of it's head (Parasaurolophus), which Dave had done design sketches of.
The first feathered bird (Archeaopteryx), which would have been life-sized, but was shot down because the poor sales of the Giant Bird
And another one that was similar to the Raptor.(Deinonychus)
There was even an idea of doing a series of space heroes Vs a legless cyborg that would come with a 1:12 time machine that would link the series to the prehistoric scenes. Aurora was trying make their models more toy-like to compete with action figures. Unfortunately things never got past the design stage

Found these auction pics with some of Dave's concept stuff for the above mentioned line to go with the PS kits.


Prototype parts that were never used.

Here are some interesting prototype parts that Aurora considered for the models, but ultimately decided to go in a different direction.

On the top of the pic, is the prototype for the Cromagnon Woman. It is slightly different the the production version. It is a little chestier, and the skirt is a little more revealing. It was toned down to keep from upsetting parents.
The other 3 pieces are for the mammoth. Alternate front legs and trunk.
Probably not used due to cost. The mammoth is a very large kit. So the additional pieces would have probably pushed the price up too high.

To see more pictures,
check this page


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