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The Parasaurolophus

As you can see from the photo above, this is another one of Dave Cockrum's designs for Aurora that never saw the light of day.
Well, now it will.
Thanks to Action Hobbies.

Now for the good stuff.
model is $149 with approx $10 shipping in the USA.
Available from Action Hobbies
They do have a litmited web presence

Here are some pics of my kit.
It is either the first or second casting from the molds.
As you can see from the pic above, this is one big kit.

The base is the same size and shape as the spiked and three-horned dinos combined.
So you have a choices on where to put it.
Between the mammoth and spiked
Between the spiked and three-horned
Between the three-horned and the allosaurus/armored dinosaur.
It should also go on the top side of the mammoth where the alternate location for the triceratops.

Here are some illustrations of some of the options.

2000-2007 trevor ylisaari