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    Year Monogram Revell -
# Name   1979 1988 1993 1993 2007
736 Allosaurus 1971 6044 6078 6474 6336  
744 Armored Dinosaur 1974 6045     6337  
732 Cave 1971          
738 Cave Bear 1972          
730 Cromagnon Man 1971          
731 Cromagnon Woman 1971          
734 Flying Reptile 1971   6079 6475 6335  
739 Giant Bird 1972          
740 Jungle Swamp 1972          
729 Neanderthal Man 1971          
733 Sabertooth Tiger 1971          
745 Sailback Reptile 1974 6046 6080 6473    
742 Spiked Dinosaur 1972 6042 6076 6472    
735 Tar Pit 1971          
741 Three Horned Dinosaur 1972 6040 6074 6472 6338  
746 T-rex 1974 6043 6077 6470 6339  
743 Woolly Mammoth 1972 6041 6075 6476    

The 8 kits issued in 1971 all came with color instruction sheets and the thin timeline (see the
maps and inserts" section). They also had a montage picture on the side panel.

In 1972 the next six kits came out. The box sizes changed slightly on the original 8. The picture
on the side panel was changed to pictures of all 14 kits. (usually 7 on each side). Some of
artwork had some modest changes as well (see each kit for details). The instruction sheets on
the new kits are black and white. Not sure if the instructions on the original 8 were all changed to
this style or not. The thin timeline is replaced with the Make-A-Scene pamphlete (see the "maps
and inserts" section).

1974 the last 3 kits are released. The side panels of the new kits have all 17 kits pictured. I don't
know if the original 14 had their side panels changed or not. The Make-A-Scene pamphlet is
replaced with a one page map containing all the kits except the T-rex. This new map has yet
another version of the timeline on the reverse side (see the "maps and inserts" section).

1979 Monogram (which purchased Aurora) produces reissues of some of the line. There are 8
kits known to still exist. The rest are believed to have been destroyed. I know for sure 7 were
reissued in 1979. I haven't seen any evidence of the Flying Reptile yet.

1987 Monogram reissues all 8 kits again.

1993 Revell (which merged with Monogram) reissues some of the kits. In the same year, Revell-
Germany also reissues all 8. I'm not exactly clear on how both companies put out the same kits
at the same time. Either they were produced in one location and shipped elsewhere to be
packaged and sold, or the 1993 date on the boxes is just the copyright date for the box itself and
the kits were actually sold in different years.

1993 Skilcraft (a division of Monogram) releases a Dinosaur Duo. Which is the Allosaurus and
Flying Reptile packaged together with a special display backdrop. Wish I could find out if they
put out any other sets.

1994 Revell produces 6 mini dinosaurs, which are miniature versions of the old Aurora kits.

2007 Revell begins issuing the kits again. Starting with the Armored Dino and Sailback Reptile.


Side panel of 1971 box


1972 side panel


1974 side panel

One thing I thought I should put here to clarify things a little bit.
You might see some models for sale that say Aurora Dinosaurs. They might even be marketed as
reissues, even though they don't look like anything in these pages.

They are nothing like their 70's counterparts, except that they are snap
together dinosaurs that have an Aurora logo on the box.
Polar Light had aquired the rights to use the Aurora logo for a few years.
That is also why you see the Addar POTA models out there with Aurora logos
The dinosaurs are completely new sculpts. And aren't that bad to build.
Especially considering the price these go for most of the time. No matter
what some ebay sellers might claim, these are NOT reissues.

These 3 models have nothing at all to do with the prehistoric scenes line of kits.

  2000-2006 trevor ylisaari