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For those of you repeat visitors that
just want to know what's new.

So far behind, and so much to catch up on.
Prehistorix has been busy. New kits, parts, and reissuing A-roar-A kits.
Jurassic Arts are back at it again with a new site, and new kits.
Alchemy is almost compltely retired and most of the kits have gone to other producers.
Including a new player in this field.
And all I have managed to document so far is who got what from Alchemy (now on the Alchemy page)

Totally revamped the main page of this section, as well as the navigation.
Next up will be updating the Prehistorix page.

Wow! Way behind on updating this page.
Since last update, I've added the Prehistorix pages.
I've updated the add-on index.
And have added the most recent Aroara kits.
Just finished the Jurassic Arts page.
Still need to update the Prehistorix stuff.

Redid the first page of this section. Made a page for all the retired kits so when you
get here, you only see what is available, or coming eventually.

Alchemy has moved up the schedule and has discontinued most of thier PS kits.
Aroara says 9/27 is the last day to place orders for any of the current kits.

For anyone unaware, both
Alchemy and Aroara are discontinuing all their current add-on kits.
Mike (Alchemy) says he is tossing all his molds at the end of the year. If anyone wants anything, order it before then.

Steve (Aroara) says
"I will start taking preorders for the kits to get a count. These will need to be serious commitments and paid for within a month (30 days) from the time they arrive in my possession and you are notified. No pre-payments please! I cannot guarantee that all molds are in casting shape. We are currently assessing the molds for durability. If they are no good or in poor shape, they will not be cast. Therefore, I will inform you all and delete it from the list of possibilities. Until then, you have some time to contemplate and make your decision. We will commence casting kits in October. Note: All kits will be cast in white resin unless otherwise noted!"

So, if there is anything you want, you had better get your orders in!

Added a page for a possible new kit from Alchemy.
A jungle swamp addition. But Mike needs 12 orders before it gets off the ground.

Redid all the Primeval pages to reflect the new company name Aroara.

Added a new page for the Moschops kit coming from Primeval

Well, seems I have really been slacking when it comes to updating this page.
A few quick mentions of past highlights. Add an OOB review page, a page for the Dire Wolf.
Today sees a massive update to this section.
Including new pages for the Zuniceratops kit, and Spinosaurus conversion from Alchemy.
Tons more pics of the Sauropod, and a few of the new Camarasaurus.
Completly re-did the replacement head section and made pages for each kit.
Almost all items have new pics added as well..

Wow! Been a while since I have updated this page.
Well, I have been doing small updates along the way, just not mentioning them here.
Today I did a bunch of stuff. Added a lot more map pics to the pages so you can see where some of these kits fit with the others.
Added pages for some kits form Alchemy. The dunkleosteus, and the upcoming sauropod kit.

Updated the raptor page to show it is in production now

Just finished the out-of-the-box review of the iguanodon

Added more stuff from Alchemy. New heads, and a new Elasmosaurus kit.
A pic of the first casting of Primeval's raptor.
Don't forget about the model contest.

Updated the pages for the proto and Iggy.

Addes more new stuff from Alchemy. More heads, and a new kit in progress.

Added instruction sheet scans to the proto and struth pages.
Added a page for the new raptor coming from Primeval Plastics.
Updated the news and index pages.

Added pictures of the new instruction sheets and map to the protoceratops and struthiomimus

Added a page for the new glyptodon from Alchemy.
Added the platybelodon to the mammoth head page, and the rex base to the general replacement heads page.
Added a pic of the reissued protoceratops, now in orange resin.
Updated the news and index pages.

Added a page for the new Ichthyosaurus coming from Primeval Plastics

Completely redesigned the main page for easier navigation.
Added some more pictures to a lot of the Achemy stuff.
Updated pricing on some of the Alchemy stuff.
More info from Primeaval Plastics.

Just a few minor updates to some images. Some new auction pictures for some of Alchemy's stuff.

Finished the out-of-the-box review of the struthiomimus.

Tweaked a few details on some of the newer Alchemy offerings.

Lots of stuff. New pictures of the scutosaurus, wooly rhino and the pterodaustro head.
New page for the edaphiosaurus.
And working on an OOB review of the struthiomimus.

Just doing a few little tweaks to some of the pages. Adding some sculptor info I didn't have.
And changing a little company info stuff for Primeval Plastics.
Added an OOB review of the Parasaurolophus (yeah, I know I finished the kit almost a year ago now. But I didn't realize I never did a proper review of the kit until recently)

Lots of stuff going on here.
Added this page to keep track of all the new updates.
Also added an index page to try and keep all the kits organized.

Changed the status of the Iguanodon from retired to not currently in production.
Steve gave me word that he is probably going to do another run on the kit, if there is enough demand.
In more news from Steve
The Protoceratops will be seeing another run as well, this time in yellow.
And there will be an additon of a retro style instruciton sheets to Steves kits.
Pictures of the instructions for the struthiomimus have been added to that page.

Alchemy has been busy as well.
Added pages for their Kronosaurus, Woolly Rhino, and Scutosaurus.
As well as Carnotaurus built up pics. Pteranodon Sternbergi head pics.
Pricing for the Polacanthus.

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