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Skilcraft dinosaur duo box

Click for 3 sided veiw

The Box

Skilcraft dinosaur duo box side picture

Picture on the side panel.

I stumbled across this neat item one day on ebay. Since then, I have seen a handfull of them turn up. It seems the company Skilcraft ( a division of Monogram) reboxed the flying reptile and allosaurus in 1993. (according to the instruction sheets). Though I am not sure about the date, as they seemed to be redily available around 2002. The plastic color on both kits are the same as the other reissue kits
The models are identical to the other reissues. The only bit that is different, is the packaging, and this backdrop that comes with it as well.

Skilcraft dinosaur duo display backdrop

Kind of a cool item to have, Just because it is a little different than the usual reissue,

2000-2009 trevor ylisaari